Bridgettine Nuns

Does anyone know of a community in the United States? I’d also love a good history of this order (being of Swedish background.)

There is a community in Amity, Oregon. And wikipedia has a history.

The community in Oregon are Monks… . They have a pretty good history of the order, but I don’t see any Nuns/Sisters.

Oops! Sorry…:blush:

Be careful of the Gossip of Wikipedia :whistle:

I’ve never heard of any Bridgettine’s in the U.S. But their are some in the Philippines, Italy, England, Ireland, and of course Sweden.

The brothers would be more than happy to talk to you. They have a list and would love to share it with you.

There are three Brigittine nun observances: primitive; recollection; Hesselbladian.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with this information, so the last two named may be the same. I know there are two cloistered observances, and Syon Abbey in England had the longest-running monastery of the primitive observance.

There are nuns of both observances in Mexico.

Hesselbladian Brigittines are big into ecumenical retreats because the foundress came from a Lutheran family. I can relate to her, as I have a Baptist background.

Vikingsborg, CT, has the only house of Brigittines in the US and they are Hesselbladian.

The Hesselbladian motherhouse is in the saint’s actual house in Rome.


That sounds interesting.

Thank you for the information! They have such an interesting (and distinctive) habit.

I was going to mention the convent in Connecticut, but you beat me to it! :wink:

Blessed Elizabeth Hesselblad is quite an interesting woman. She even spent some years in NYC when she was a young woman, working as a nurse in Roosevelt Hospital. So you might think of her as being ‘half-American’!

And the Brigittines do have an unusual habit, particularly the ‘crown’ which they wear over their veil!

I remember seeing a group of the nuns outside St. Peter’s Basilica the last time I was in Italy in 1983. A seminarian I knew at the time was ordained to the priesthood by Blessed John Paul II.

Look up these nuns on youtube. One video was made in Poland.


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