Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg


perhaps the finger of God like the famous painting by michaelangelo that shows God touching adam’s finger? or the ensoulment? :slight_smile:

Did you read the article? It’s a release of zinc!

True, but don’t assume that just because there is a physical explanation that it is not that way because of God’s design.

While I find it interesting, the way in which it might be used (choosing which children to keep and which to toss) is actually a little nauseating.

From what I gather, four or five flashes occur as the zinc is released in waves.

“On cue, at the time of fertilization, we see the egg release thousands of packages, each dumping a million zinc atoms, and then it’s quiet,” said Thomas V. O’Halloran, the other corresponding author. “Then there is another burst of zinc release. Each egg has four or five of these periodic sparks. It is beautiful to see, orchestrated much like a symphony. We knew zinc was released by the egg in huge amounts, but we had no idea how the egg did this.”

This is awesome! Perhaps God is letting us learn a little more about His creation so we can adore and glorify Him. We have drifted away from doing that very often - at Mass isn’t enough - He wishes us to do this as we live every moment. Because one step at a time, those who are trying to live Love, beginning to end abortion, this latest is a gift of knowledge for which we need be thankful.:amen:

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