Bring Jesus to those outside Church, Pope tells altar servers [CNA] City, Aug 5, 2014 / 04:51 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis on Tuesday met with more than 50,000 altar servers on an annual pilgrimage to Rome from Germany, urging them to bring Jesus to the world, especially those outside the Church.

“You are called to speak of Jesus to your contemporaries, not only those within your parishes or associations, but especially to those outside,”; he told the altar servers after a Vespers prayer service Aug. 5.

He stressed that there must be a priority placed on remembering God, the giver of life, who loves each person.

The Pope had arrived in St. Peter’;s Square at 6 p.m. Rome time for Vespers. He greeted some of the altar servers before the prayers.

His homily was a reflection on St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.

“Through this concrete man by the name of Jesus, we can understand what God really meant,” he said. “He wants to free human beings, so that they might always feel protected as children of a good father.”

Pope Francis also noted the importance of the Virgin Mary in bringing the Son of God into the world.

“Mary was totally free,” he said. “In her freedom she said ‘yes.’; She always did good. So she served God and human beings. Let us imitate her example, if we want to know what God expects of us as His children.”

The Pope noted the difficulties that many young people have in balancing service to the Church with other activities “necessary for human and cultural growth.”

While this takes some organizing, he joked, “But you are Germans, and you do this well!”

The altar servers’; pilgrimage took its motto from Matthew 12: “Freedom! Because it is lawful to do good.”

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It seems we are the “shy” generation because we seem to be lacking in skills to witness for our Lord Jesus at least verbally. I don’t mean to stand out in a crowd kind of person but to witness for Jesus when you are with someone and there is an opportunity open. These skills to open up yourself to the Lord always takes time to develop and perhaps the Pope is telling us we need to practice this more. If you are not going to try you might not know how good you might be. We are sometimes too shy when opportunities are knocking at the door. Practice makes perfect says the Pope! It is the only way to overcome any shyness.

Alter serving alone does not qualify one to go preach about Jesus. I’ve seen that more than
3\4 of those servers don’t have a clue about the real presence of Jesus in the sacrament…the holiness of the alter, etc. Parents need to be better formers of the faith… With out family prayer and dialog on the faith… What can really grow…? The pope needs to understand that with less reverance on the alter…with taking away the traditional mass and less focus on Jesus and more focus on the congregation. This is the result… The understanding of the actual presense of Jesus has been losing ground ever since, hense the smaller quantities of men entering into the seminary. After my son/ an alrter server went to a trinadine mass…he was in awe for the immense respect and honor to Jesus…he said if he alterserved there/ he would be much more likely to think about priesthood…

What’s a trinadine mass?

The role of the laity is outside of the church.
The role of the ordained is inside the church.
When we take too seriously our “ministries” we neglect our duty to be the hands and feet of Christ out in the world. Pope Francis has said this many times.

peace be with you; incense of God, take courage for I am with you; I am with you and with My innumerable angels I surround you, to protect you; I come down with the saints to guide youI am the Queen of Heaven; I am the Queen of Peace; I am the Mother of your Saviour; I am the One who precedes the Lord’s coming; I am the One who opened a broad highway for your Redeemer to descend on earth, and today again, the Most High is sending Me to make smooth and level a Path for His Returnalthough Satan uses men to delay My Work and put obstacles in its midst, do not fear; the Lord is Almighty and in the end Our Hearts will prevail; rely on His massive Strength for He can uproot mountains and melt the rocks; nothing can stop His Powerful Handwhat do you see above you? look above your heads what the Lord is raising; the Lord is raising over you the Banner of His Great Love and Mercy; He is coming to restore you with His caresses and feed you with delights; He is coming to fragrance you with His delicate perfume of Myrrh; He is coming to soothe your wounds with His balm of Tenderness; He is coming down to pour out His oil on you generation and anoint you; the King will bring you into His Rooms to console you and wipe away your tears; like the pupil of His Eye He is watching over you; and you, would you in your turn return His Love? offer Him your heart and your will; As told by Blessed Mother Mary in the True Life In God Messages. (TLIG.ORG) .

True Life In God Meeting will be held on the 30th of August 2014 at the Doncaster Church of Christ - Melbourne Australia. Everyone is welcome!!!

A trinadine mass is the traditional latin mass. The priests alter servers and congregation all face Jesus in the tabernacle all the time. Except when the priest gives the homily and communion then he faces the people… Its beautiful. Its holy/ its respectful and reverant to God… There is no argument about this. This was the pre Vatican 2 mass which was used for 1400 years or about. The Vatican 2 counsel decided to change this mass because of outside church influence and infiltration of protestant ideals. The thought was the people could relate more to less Latin use, and to bring the people together in communion more by interacting with the sign of peace, etc. The problem was the focus was taken off Jesus and our honor and non interrupted focus on communion with him alone. Now, this mass is foreign to most. Try to look for one and see for yourself… They are scattered but available. My point was with the focus taken off Jesus, we have less priests because the alter servers are not focused on Jesus they are focused on the people… Many think changing to the mass we have now created a lessing of reverance, love and devotion in church… Its now a social gathering not a holy place of worship… I am guilty of this as well. Its an atmosphere of chit chat…but thats better served outside the walls of where our lord resides. He really doesnt deserve less…

I think we can probably assume that the poster meant ‘Tridentine’, don’t you agree, on reflection?

I agree with you 1000%. The problem with the Novus Ordo Mass is that it took the focus off of Jesus and put the focus on US. I think that is the crux of it. And you are correct that the ‘Tridentine’ Mass is available, but not at all widespread. You have to hunt and peck to find one. The Church although still allows it, they do not encourage it.

Maybe many bishops hold a negative view but consider these:
Quattuor Abhinc Annos

Ecclesia Dei

Summorum Pontificum

Universae Ecclesiae*

I think they more than just allow it.

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