Bring the bread and wine


At a Sunday Mass in your church, do people of the congregation bring the bread and wine to the altar?



You seem to have a lot of questions to encourage discussion.


Yes. That has been the norm (on Sundays at least) in all the parishes I’ve regularly attended from the 1970s onward.


Yes. It’s usually the people who did the collection.


Kind of. During Sunday Mass, it’s brought to the sanctuary where the priest receives it and either he or a server brings it to the altar. On other days, the procession is usually omitted. The rubrics prefer but do not require it. The collection may also be presented at that time but it isn’t to be placed at the altar.


To be more precise, the people bring the bread and wine up to the steps leading to the altar where they are handed off to the priest, deacon, and/or and altar servers.


That’s what we do at our parish.


Yes, members of the congregation do the Presentation of the Gifts. Usually it is family members of the person for whom the Mass is being said.




same here. only on Sundays


Pax Christi!

Yup. At all Masses.

God bless.


No. It’s done the old way in my church. Only the priest receives the blood of Christ. The priest distributes the hosts at the communion rail. And this is not a tridentine Mass.


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Blood of Christ? It wouldn’t be the blood of Christ at the Offertory.


I believe Sunbreak is referring to the custom of communion at his/her parish.


In Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches some of the people bake the (leavened) bread at home and bring it to church with them. Some will be used for the Eucharist and the rest will be used for antidoron.

Yes, there are Catholics who consecrate leavened bread.


Thank you.
I went to a Catholic grade school where both the priests and the nuns encouraged us greatly to make sure that the people needed to speak about the Catholic faith.


The church bulletin mentioned:

The Presentation of the Gifts
The General Introduction to the Roman Missal states: “it is desirable that the participation of the faithful be expressed by an offering of bread & wine for the celebration of the Eucharist…the bread & wine for the Eucharist are carried to the celebrant…” The ushers gather the people’s offerings but then the people should carry the gifts to the altar.


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