Bring the whole family to Mass


BRing the whole family to Mass and don't forget your sense of humor

she gets it

I add only my usual caveat, do what works for your family, don't take her suggestion as a mandatum, but also be wary of making the kids excuses to miss Mass as well--with illness and other crises they will provide enough occasions on their own without you looking for excuses.


It's cute and she has many good points.

But I have to disagree with her on others. My son was so disruptive as a toddler we had to do the divide and conquer thing for a while.

Perhaps the author doesn't worry that others are upset and distracted by her children. but I do worry about it.


A great posting - thanks for sharing....

As you say, everyone must do what works for them. As children we went from a very early age, though I know we did not go as infants. At that time Dad would go to early mass (7:30 AM) and Mom to 9:00 AM mass. The older kids would go to mass (not sure with who) while us babies stayed home...
But like I said, I don't remember this. By the time we youngest ones were becoming aware, we all went to 7:30 AM mass every Sunday...And woe to the one(s) who were disruptive...We sat in such a way that nobody was out of reach of either mom or dad....



If you don't bring them while they're young, they're not going to know what to do when they get older. Bishop Sheen said that the most important thing we can do for our children is to cultivate and foster the habits of spiritual growth. Even though they will not have a full appreciation for it, they will as they get older.


this is just opinion based on what you have to admit is a lot of chance for observation since I see our families in settings other than Mass (not excepting my own grandchildren). If children are not taught early to behave in public--in Walmart parking lot, at MacDonalds, at the library, in a movie theater, in the mall, at a park etc.--they will not automatically know how to behave just because they have been brought into a church.

They have to learn beginning at home that screaming, whining and tantrums bring negative consequences and NEVER result in getting their demands met (I am not speaking about the normal crying of an infant or ways a pre-verbal toddler communicates). If food is always used as a bribe for good behavior that is going to lead to other problems down the road. and so forth


ā€œIā€™m sorry, Lord. I am so distracted and tired today. Please bless my efforts and make up for my lack. I love you.ā€

Yup, this is me. :o

We used to do the cry room, but I, like many others, have found that the kids' behavior is actually much better when we sit in one of the front couple of pews and they can see what's going on. Sure, we have our loud and embarrassing moments, but generally it's working out really well (thank you God).

Thanks for sharing this. :)


My son had ADHD. We tried to go to mass and sat in the cry room--there was no way he could sit in the church pew. I was so stressed out over his behavior that I eventually stopped going to church. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. :( I caution everyone to not do what I did.


[quote="AnneTeresa, post:7, topic:234592"]
My son had ADHD. We tried to go to mass and sat in the cry room--there was no way he could sit in the church pew. Id.


this is a good example, of how we first have to work with our child to get the behavior we want in other situations, including the classroom, before we put him in high-stress situations and expect a miracle


[quote="StJudePray4Me, post:2, topic:234592"]

Perhaps the author doesn't worry that others are upset and distracted by her children. but I do worry about it.


That doesn't sound like the author (I've read her for a couple years and have corresponded with her). She's giving tips on juggling kids during Mass. She has a lot of experience. I'm sure she's had to stand in the back, as most of us have, swaying back and forth and praying the water works don't start again. Or stood outside. Or had time outs.

It's a tough time, and we've definitely gone through periods where my husband and I have taken turns outside. But now that our daughter has gotten the idea down, it's worth it... Just in time to start getting #2 used to it (she is just at the point where she wants to "talk" now).

Hang in there!


I love taking Emma to Mass and she loves it too. She seems very taken with it all and loves going to visit the Our Lady of Lourdes shrine there. She even 'Ooohs' and 'aahs' at Our Lady! She likes making the sign of the cross and loves the hymns and she's only 18 months old.

It does help that our parish is very child-friendly and that our parish priest proudly displays the artwork done by the children in their liturgy, and puts it on the altar as an offering along with the offertory donations. Sweet!


:rotfl: "My first trying to embarrass me into staying home." I had to bring napkins with me to church to wipe up spit up that ended up on the floor, or the pew and even the pew in front of us. :p I hope the people around us weren't too grossed out. :D


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