Bringing in the Anglicans. Status?

Where is this at right now? Have any of the Anglicans bodies or churches who have expressed interest into coming into the Church started the process, or even completed it?

Here in the UK only a very small number of bishops haved moved. Personally I dont think many will make the switch.

Although the Anglican church is somewhat Catholic in the appearance of its liturgy, it is protestant in its teaching/theology.

Here’s one
In Orlando

The community voted to accept the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus

At this point, no one (in the US) can have “completed the process” because there is not yet an Anglican Catholic Ordinariate. Hopefully, we’ll have one very soon. Personally, I’m hoping it will happen before Easter.

There’s a congregation here in Baltimore that has voted to come into the Church and has begun the RCIA process. The two chancellors, Catholic and Episcopal, are in talks right now about ownership of the church building. The priest who is mentoring the congregation during this process is a convert from Episcopalianism himself, and was once an Episcopal priest.

heard this one a few years ago:

Baptists don’t drink because they have no theology.

Catholics drink Scotch because they have the highest theology

Anglicans drink sherry because they are not sure if they have a theology.

ba dum bum.

I havent heard much since the press releases like a year or two ago…would be nice to have an update.

The UK’s CCB has formed an Ordinariate, Ordinary of Our Lady of Walsingham of the Anglican Rite, with Fr. Keith Newton as Ordinary. Fr. Newton was ordained a priest of the Catholic Church 15 Jan 2011…

The US still hasn’t established an ordinariate, however, the existing half-dozen or so Anglican Use Provision parishes continue to function as such, and will most likely be integrated into the Ordinariate when established in the US.

Although there is no time limit on when an individual, priest or parish decides to join the Ordinariate, Cardinal Wuerl is the Pastoral Delegate in the US and he had a deadline of Decemeber 31, 2011 for any parish etc. who wanted to belong to the Ordinariate. This information was needed so Rome could calculate at this point how many will be joining the Ordinariate.

I believe that including the Anglican Use parishes there are over 32 or more. Once the Ordinariate is established and other Anglicans can see how it actually works, I believe that more will join. There are even two former TEC parishes coming in and the way that TEC is going at this time I think people will have to make a decision either to join one of the 80 or so breakaway Anglican groups, who keep spliting, or come into the Ordinariate.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


nice to see some movement on this!!

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