Bringing my Children to Christ in my Vocation

I am 14.
And I am discerning priesthood. And fatherhood…sort of.
You see, I have SUCH a desire to bring my children up in the Kingdom and Church of Christ.
But what remains to be seem is whether that Kingdom and Church will be a parish with spiritual children and the spouse of the universal church, or a household with biological children and the spouse of a woman.
Both ideas attract me. Whenever I read about the sacraments, the clergy, and the priests, I want to be a priest. When I read of households, the domestic “church and kingdom” of a family, and traditional catholic parenting, I want to be a parent.
So my question is, are there any specific things I could do to discern between these two vocations specifically?

One thing is for sure, from all of this I have learned to look up to and respect my parents and my pastor MUCH more…

Ialsop, you are quite young. Whatever you might do is something you won’t have to agree to for quite a few years from now. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to be forthright with your parish pastor (and with your parents as well) about this issue, and to drop a line to your diocesan vocations director if your pastor deems that appropriate.

In the meantime, trust in those forming you right now (parents, pastor, teachers), and focus on that formation. As you age, you’ll get a better idea of your gifts of nature and grace, which will in turn give you a much better idea of what you ought to do in this world.

God bless.

This is a balanced way of keeping your options open and your priorities straight as other things happen to you and circumstances change as you grow older! :thumbsup:

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