Bringing Sex Back


“when just one man is included on a women’s sports team due to his chosen female “gender,” it’s no longer a women’s sports team.”

Can sex and gender co-exist? Probably not.


Yet another example of how The Left is trying to bend the word “gender” to become truth, but common thoughts and perceptions, superficial trends, are not truth. The law cannot control reality (just like thousands of voices yelling “crucify Him” could not put an end to Jesus).


Your topic certainly has an eye-catching title. :sunglasses:


Excellent article! We live in such confused times and this article is full of clarity.


We need to cling to truth and not be confused. The Left is, again, trying to turn things upside down.


I am all in favour of bringing back sex.
I actually didnt know it was banned by the Magisterium.

Surely it was enough just to ban contraception?

Are we actually allowed to protest against such Magisterial prohibitions even if they are only disciplinary?

If 40% of Catholics ignore the contraceptive ban I do wonder how much traction the sex ban will get.
Nor has it been well promulgated by Rome.


How about ducks? There was a saying that if it waddles and quacks it’s a duck, but what if it thinks like a goose?


And recently the scouting became all one- no more BSA GSA.


The Left is trying to invert the order of reality, it’s truly satanic


My first instinct was to post a reply, “I didn’t know it had been away.”


That’s right. That is their mission.


In our current culture… evil has become good and good has become evil. I seem to have read something about that somewhere. :slight_smile:

Satan is certainly not going to give up until he is defeated.



The word “gender” refers to words, not people. E.g., the word “executrix” is the feminine gender equivalent for “executor”. I don’t know why “gender” has changed its meaning.


Them other boys don’t know how to act? :notes:


It’s the whole thing with modern culture and “your truth”. Which is commonly different than THE truth.


Overreacting much?


Gender didn’t change its own meaning, people decided to hijack its meaning for their own propagandizing purposes.

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