Bringing the faith more into treatment for social anxiety

this website says that pride and the fear of man is in a large degree the cause of an anxiety disorder, and proposes that trusting totally on God is a key to healing. Certainly not a Catholic website, but do think there is any truth to this?? I tend to think that some of these things which rely only on the bible ignore very important things we know from pychology. l mean, it doesn’t make sense we can solve every pychological disorder just by reading the bible.

I have a significant problem with social anxiety which I have been dealing with for most of my life. I am doing cognitive behavioral therapy and am having much success with it. I am able to do many things which previously I would have been unable to do such as using people’s names when talking to them, initiating conversations, etc. I am moving forward and slowly reversing a way of thinking I have been in for years.

my question concerns how to relate problems such as this to the spiritual life. throughout my life, the difficulties I have experienced with this anxiety have done a great deal to bring me closer to Christ, in a way I don’t think I ever would have had without this anxiety. Nevertheless, in so much as God may use this for my good, it is also a source of evil and sin it would seem. For example, because of social anxiety, I hurt other people because I don’t talk to them, don’t tell others about the faith, and am sometimes very impolite and awkward because I can’t say hello or have a conversation with someone. People who don’t understand this disorder I feel could be turned away from Christ because of my actions.

Therefore, in so much as my personal sin is a part of this, God wants to heal me from that. I know pride must surely be contributing to the problem in at least some degree.

While I would never, NEVER tell someone to not seek positive outside help from a competent psychiatrist or therapist, I know that spiritual help from Jesus and Mary has played a significant role in my ongoing recovery from alcoholism. I am a member of a 12 Step group and, as you know, we rely upon a power greater than ourselves to help us stay comfortable enough in our own skin so that we do not have drink or use one day at a time. However, our Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous also tells us that there may be times in our lives where we need to go for outside help. There have been times in my life where I have done so, and it has been invaluable.

Having said that, I rely strongly upon my Catholic Faith and CATHOLIC ACTION in the form of Mass, the Eucharist, prayer and meditation to help me stay sober. I am in service, I am in the world and this is an important part of my recovery.

Does this make sense and help you in any way?

I wish you well in your prayer life.

Do you have the St Joseph Guide as well as the actual Liturgy of the Hours?

Here is a good introduction that explains what all the sections are for:

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