Brining a Turkey?

Hello, I know this is apologetics thread but since Fr. McBrien is a dissentor i thought that most of the posters would appreciate this joke.

I Am brining a turkey for christmas. My young son asked me what I am soaking it in… I told him saltwater and apple cider…

he then looked at me and said…Dad if you were McBREINing the turkey you would have to stuff it with Baloney :smiley: :smiley:

Like Art Linkletter used to say.“Kids say the funniest things.” Your son evidently has very attentive listening abilities to know enough about McBrien and his “baloney.” My mother used to say,“Little pitchers have big ears.” Kids take in everything their parents say whether it is acceptable in good company or not. I was once very embarrassed by my four year old when he replied to our priest’s “Good morning little boy” with something less than appropriate.

You are to right about the little pitchers. My son is a sponge and he soaks things up pretty good.

Of course conversations with my wife regarding Fr. McBrien are usally over coffee on Saturday mornings. The kids are usually sitting right there eating breakfast. I am almost certain I have used the words Baloney and McBrein together in a sentance with my kids present in the room.

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