Brit Piers Morgan to replace Larry King

Piers Morgan is Larry King’s CNN replacement

Hmm…the head judge of America’s Got Talent is to take up CNN’s prime show. I am no great fan of Larry King: his questioning sometimes could be spot on, but he could be obsequious (with Bill Maher) and when you are dealing with the variety of subject-matter that show discussed from religion, to politics, to entertainment, you could see the gaps in King’s knowledge that made some of his questions light-ball or that others may have been more adept in honing in on. Still he seemed trusted by the political elite.

Wonder how Morgan’s interview style was like in Britain? How will he deal with shows which may be dedicated to such things as Larry King’s recent Panel on God’s existence and Stephen Hawking’s latest book. The kicker for me is Morgan wants to remain a judge on America’s Got Talent at the same time. Hmmm…the entertainer interviews may go well on CNN, but political debates on the economy, or the role of religion in modern life, or on Islam? How would a Morgan approach these? Can he?

King moderated some presidential debates. Could the chief judge of a Talent Show moderate a debate for the most powerful office in the world - the presidency? Thinking about that: well, you know, one might actually.

I believe Larry King is way beyond his best-before-date and perhaps many of his former wives agree, but this will be interesting. :slight_smile:

I question why a British accent is suddenly being used to sell everything from underware to gum on American television.
Is the accent supposed to make all things more valuable? Acceptable? Palatable? What?
I don’t get it.
I suppose we haven’t sold or given away enough of our country and culture to the Arabs, Chinese and Japanese. :rolleyes:

You’re welcome to him!

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