Britain Adopts Islamic Law

What the heck is wrong with Britain?

Britain Adopts Islamic Law, Gives Sharia Courts Full Power to Rule on Civil Cases,2933,422661,00.html

Can you imagine the uproar if it was even *proposed *to give the canon law this kind of recognition?

That’s a very good point!:thumbsup:

The Fox News/Times (of London) article seems to be a bit overblown.

“Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain,” claims a Sunday newspaper. The Government has “quietly sanctioned” powers for sharia judges to rule on divorce case, its report insists.

The truth is much more prosaic. The report produces no evidence to suggest that the Government has sanctioned any powers for sharia judges at all, quietly or otherwise. And a sharia court in Britain has no power to grant a divorce that is valid in English law.

On criminal matters, the law of England and Wales remains binding. “The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal is unable to deal with criminal offences as we do not have jurisdiction to try such matters in the UK,” it says. However, in cases of domestic violence where the tribunal has helped to bring about a “reconciliation” between the spouses, that information may be passed to the Crown Prosecution Service — which may reconsider criminal charges. “Note that the final decision to prosecute always remains with the CPS,” the tribunal stresses.

Finally, the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal acknowledges that it cannot make decisions in inheritance disputes that will be enforced under English law. If one party to a ruling by the tribunal chooses not to comply with it, the best that the other party can do is to “attempt to place the judgment of [the tribunal] before the civil court as evidence of what the deceased would have known and intended”.

From the sounds of it, basically, the sharia courts are just an voluntary arbitration panel.

Well I don’t know about that just look happened in Lebanon when they let those seventh century people in that country.

I think we people of the west need to wake up.

there was a presidential decree in the philippines that set up sharia law for those who opt in to it. appears to be mostly domestic and testamentary law. they have their own set of courts, too.

philippine sharia law

This seems to me to be a huge step backwards in women’s rights. There is no real secret that women in Musliim nations are considered to be oppressed by most people. So if there is a domestic situation, perhaps abuse, then it would be very likely that Shiara law would be used and the woman would be seriously disadvantaged. Women are known to be killed in several nations for speaking up or objecting, I seriously do not see them objecting to the Shiara mediation under the English system, because if they do they may face serious consequences. Seems to me that intimidation is very likely and that Muslim women in particular are in for problems. JMO

the sharia law in the philippines, at least as its written here, didn’t strike me as being all that oppressive. that’s damning with faint praise. I think that any kind of separatist laws are destructive.

These are arbitration ‘courts’ where all parties agree to accept the rulings before they start.

As the article says, Jewish ‘courts’ (Beth Din) have been operating this way for years.

Yes but Jewish people don’t strap on bombs and blow up pizza joints.

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