Britain First candidate turns back on Khan speech


Absolutely childish behaviour here from the Britain First candidate, Zac Goldsmith brought some low moments to the whole campaign but this is utterly juvenile. If you disagree with Mr Khan’s politics that is one thing but this is shameful petty silliness.


Jharek, I think you mean Paul Golding not Zac Goldsmith! Perhaps Paul Golding was shocked that he only received 30,000 votes, compared with Sadiq’s 1.3 million, but it speaks volumes about his lack of professionalism.


I suppose with a Britain First candidate he disagrees with more than his politics.



Sounds like a sore loser. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d think that with a party name like Britain First, he’did show some of those famed British manners and that stiff upper lip…

…wait. This is the Britain of the Spice Girls and Sir Elton John. Silly me, living in the past. :wink:


Was it Zac Goldsmith who turned his back?

The article you cited said it was Britain First mayoral candidate Paul Golding who turned his back.


Zac Goldsmith carried on in a pretty shall we say, mean spirited fashion which is why I mention him also. Paul Golding has reputation for this sort of stuff here, its petty and very childish. He stood as a candidate, the electorate made their will known so the grown up thing to do is shake Mr Khan’s hand and move on, not play at schoolboy antics on the stage as the new mayor gives a speech. Utterly juvenile.g, this was behaviour straight out of a nursery.


It is certainly better behavior than we are seeing from the leftists at many of the Trump speeches/rally’s. I would rather a protester turn their back on the speaker than block major highways to the event, send children out to scream obscenities…or outright riot.


I’m a an avowed socialist and would not dream of behaving in that manner. Trump of course operates against a different political backdrop than here in the UK (or Ireland where I originally come from), there seems to be a kind of ‘politics as movie spectacle’ rule operating in the US more and more each year.

Neither the tactics you mention nor for that matter some of Trump’s personal digs at other politicians and their family members are approaches to political discourse I have found even more ugly than the average . I expect some slagging and back and forth but the US election cycle really has become something akin to a piece of satire mixed with vitriolic and carnival shouting this time round.


Och I believe a guy on twitter named Nooruddean nailed it.
He captioned a picture of the event with: ‘Mashallah, Britian First’s Paul Golding facing Mecca for evening prayer. Londonstan has begun’
Look CAFers, a Muslim with a sense of humour!


That’s great :slight_smile: I for one would not miss Paul Golding, EDF or all this other wee similar groups if they all toddled off.

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