'Britain got the first shot in': French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says 'politicians are afraid' amid calls for THIRTY FOUR separate EU referendums across Europe



                                            I fully expect those high numbers in support of the EU in Poland and Hungary to begin dropping soon, as people there begin to realise that the EU believes it has more authority over those countries than there own elected governments.


The EU government does not believe it has more authority over the elected governments - only 4 of 125 legislative acts passed in the UK since 2010 were to implement EU legislation. Countries like Poland need the single-market, leaving would be economic and social suicide, and most countries see this. I imagine in the wake of this, the EU will remove the commission and move to a directely elected Legislative branch.


Whatever may be the distinction between popular beliefs and the facts on the ground, I’ve been saying for years that the trend globally has been toward disintegration, not unification. I firmly believe that the EU’s days are numbered.


More likely when they realise the cheque books are leaving and they have to carry more of the burden. Marine le Pen is a facist and everything the EU was meant to squash.My father fought and his only brother died in the war to crush things like her and her cohorts.


The European establishment is afraid. They do not want to return to how it was like before 1945.


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