Britain, immediately post-Henry VIII

I understand that as the Bishops possessing Apostolic Succession in Britain died off after Anglicanism started, their dioceses became defunct, and now there are differently-named and shaped Catholic dioceses covering the same territory.

So, who was charged with the care of those faithful Catholics remaining in Britain?

When was the Catholic hierarchy reinstated in Britain? Was it gradual, in the “usual” (?) progression from Apostolic Vicariate, to Diocese to Archdiocese? Or was a full system already planned out?

If the whole hierarchy was laid down at once, that would indicate that there were already parishes there, so where did those priests receive their Orders from, and on whose Omophorion (to take an Eastern phrase :wink: ) did they serve?


Here’s a Wikipedia article about the bull issued by Pius IX reestablishing the English heirarchy in 1850. It discusses some of the issues you raised.

Universalis Ecclesiae article

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