Britain no longer Christian: Episcopal bishop [CN-USA]

British Episcopal Bishop Paul Richardson says that declining church attendance and therise in multiculturalism mean that “Christian Britain is dead”.


This is a minor point, but I wish the article hadn’t referred to the Rt. Rev. Paul Richardson as an “Episcopal” bishop. While it is true that in the US the main branch of the Anglican communion is referred to as The Episcopal Church, this isn’t the case in England. Referring to him as an Anglican bishop would have been more accurate, and less confusing.

The real point I wanted to make is that although Bishop Richardson used the surprising title “Britain is no longer a Christian nation” for the article he had published in the Sunday Telegraph, he is actually saying that the Anglican Church is dying in England.

Annual decline in Sunday attendance is running at around 1 per cent. At this rate it is hard to see the church surviving for more than 30 years though few of its leaders are prepared to face that possibility.

Perhaps the most worrying set of statistics for the Church of England is the decline in baptisms. Out of every 1,000 live births in England in 2006/7 only 128 were baptised as Anglicans.

By way of contrast, out of every 1,000 live births in England in 1900, 609 were baptised in the Church of England. Figures for church marriages show an equally catastrophic decline.

Sounds like an excellent opportunity for us Catholics to send Crusade to the UK to bring people back to the Catholic Church. :onpatrol: :knight1: :knight2:

I agree with some points that the Bishop pointed out, but I don’t agree that Christianity will be gone in 30 years, that is ridiculous! Just as ridiculous as Voltaire saying that Religion would be gone by the 1800s. The Overwhelming of the people in Britain see themselves as Christian (71% in National Census) - the problem is living by those principles on a daily basis and Church attendance!

A December 2007 report by Christian Research showed that Roman Catholicism had become the best-attended services of Christian denominations in England!

If you look at this article from Time magazine Finding Jesus in London, 'Long considered an aggressively secular city, London has quietly become one of Britain’s most Christian areas, going from the least observant region in Britain in 1979 to the second most observant today.'

Don’t give up on Britain, I pray that there will be a resurgence here!

Religious identity is falling quickly among young people in America. Generation Y is approaching parenting age, and I can’t imagine Christian formation is going to be a priority. Gen X Catholics - though we are a fairly small generation - are mostly AWOL from the Church and her teachings. As the social structure continues to push Christianity to the fringe/hate category, I think we’re all going to be very shocked at the downward trajectory of Church membership in North America and Western Europe.

America has a very low atheist rate though doesn’t it? It’s only 1.6% latest statistics say.

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