Britain's "3 Parent" Cloning Experiments Condemned

By Hilary WhiteNEWCASTLE, April 19, 2010 ( - Pro-life groups and a U.S. bioethics expert have condemned the creation of cloned human embryos with “three parents,” announced by scientists at Newcastle University last week. In a report published April 14 in the journal Nature, the…

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Let us read further, but none of them were allowed to live! They were all distroyed as if they were garbage. Why do we look for our own idea of perfection?

urrh is that really possible?

Now that the genie has been let out of the bottle, and the Catholic teaching that life is sacred from its conception till its natural end is for all intents and purpose rejected by societies elites, there is no reason that genetic engineering of human beings will not become more and more the norm.
If there is and advantage to be gained by government for humans to be engineered to provide special tasks, any reason for them not to do so has been seriously eroded over the past two generations. Unless Catholic Christianity starts making a comeback, there is no brakes for this kind of thing.

If it isn’t now, it will be soon enough. Splice in the correct code from a desirable human specimen, splice out the offending code that is less desired, and …


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