Britain's first abortion television advert in spite of ban

The sexual health clinic Marie Stopes International has paid for a slot on Channel 4 on Monday for an advert targeted at women in the middle of an unplanned pregnancy.

The organisation, which carried out 65,000 abortions last year, has circumvented a ban on the commercials because it is a charity and does not make a profit from its services.

But the move has been condemned by viewer watchdogs, religious groups and family campaigners, who claim it is “grossly inappropriate” to “sell abortions” alongside products such as soap powder and cars.

Apparently the ad will not mention abortion, but ask women: “Are you late?” Women who have missed a period and are concerned about it are directed to call their 24 helpline.

Opponents are organizing a legal challenge.

The UK has a high percentage of teenage pregnancy and the government has helped tremendously with those who do not opt for abortion. Stopes is advertising because they are losing the fight. By their own admission:

It points out that last year it received 350,000 calls to its 24 hour helpline but only carried out 65,000 abortions, **with the vast proportion of callers carrying on and having the baby. **

65,000 is a lot of dead children when one is already too many. We must carry on with the fight against abortion.

Surprising that these numbers hardly arouse any outrage among “human rights defenders” and the like… obviously for them life only begins after birth.

Marie Stopes International are a bunch of twisted and totally misguided individuals. Let us pray that at least some of them see the light and put an end to this slaughter.

As bad as this is…it could be the very instrument needed to make a financial statement against Marie Stopes.

Boycott Channel 4 and “The Million Pound Drop Live” hosted by Davina McCall…along with any legal challenges.

It cost Marie Stopes a bunch of money, I believe, for the ad. A boycott would be a direct financial loss to them.

A boycott of channel 4 - will cost them
A boycott of the show - will cost them.

Another channel covered the forthcoming ad in their news report today . However, because the accompanying newsreel featured scans of a baby in the womb, the report appeared to be a disclaimer on abortion: “There is a forthcoming ad about abortion on telly but, here is what you are killing.”

Well, I’d have thought that anything that brought the morality of anything to the attention of the Great British Public might be considered some kind of step forward.

Anything would help a lot.

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