Britain's Prince Charles confers knighthood upon convicted domestic abuser Sir Geoffrey Boycott

Upon the advice of former prime minister Theresa May, Prince Charles conferred the honor of knighthood upon Sir Geoffrey Boycott on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1998, Sir Geoffrey (then Mr. Boycott) was convicted of assaulting his partner. Sir Geoffrey remains unapologetic about the assault, telling a female journalist, “I don’t give a toss about her, love.”

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I would guess not. Boycott the cricketer and domestic abuser is from Yorkshire and the son of a coal miner. The other Boycott was an army captain from Norfolk and the son of an Anglican clergyman.

Ok then, I will withdraw my comment.

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No he has nothing to do with the famous Captain Boycott of the Parnell and Land League era, not related to him. Totally different social class as do justly notes.

That he was knighted whilst being unapologetic for this does disgust me however. I am sitting in home myself at the minute recovering from where a nutter attacked me at work with a bottle and it is not funny to be physically attacked. I’m a big guy and was at least able to push him of a bit and fight back and had colleagues who came to my rescue. This woman would have had to put up with that violence in her own home. Knighthoods can be withdrawn it should be noted as well and have been in the past.

That sounds horrible. You work in security, right? It must be a tough job. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

This story made me so angry when I read about it. I went to university in the UK, so I have a lot of British friends on social media and I got the impression that a lot of people in Britain have been angry about it too. I have read about honors being forfeited, but that seems to be when someone has committed a crime after being honored. In the case, the weird thing is that Mrs. May decided that he should be honored despite his conviction for what was clearly a very nasty assault. I read that Mrs. May once personally intervened to have an honor taken away from a pedophile, so it seems particularly strange that she was responsible for giving an honor to a domestic abuser.

Feeling slowly better. Stiches have slowly started dropping out a bit more each day and the wound on top of my head where it got thumped as well is mostly healed. Nothing more unpleasant than blood in hair as it is extremely annoying to get out.

I think people are justifiably annoyed. Boycott may be a bit of a national icon because of his success as a cricket player but this seems ill-advised. Even if Boycott had been apologetic and said this was wrong and something he regretted giving him such a honour would send a message likely to be poorly received. From those photos he obviously went to town on the woman and I dated when I was younger a lady were her previous boyfriend did stuff like this. He broke her arm when I first knew her before dating her and her brother got to hear of that and flew all the way from S. Africa to meet the guy. He broke the same arm on the guy. I’m not sure If that was the best method to deal with it but the guy disappeared out of her life after that so maybe it was. My wife’s mother second husband was also abusive and his family loathed him so much that when he died his own daughter refused to attend his funeral. I have very, very little time for domestic abusers.

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