British Ambassador to Poland Blasted for Promoting "Gay Rights" in Catholic Country

By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiWARSAW, June 11, 2009 ( - Poland’s civil rights ombudsman, Janusz Kochanowski, said British ambassador Ric Todd was “being improper and doesn’t understand the role of a diplomat” following the disclosure that Todd gave homosexual activist…

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Personally, I find it incredible that an ombudsman would censure soneone for trying to promote equality before the law for all of Poland’s citizens regardless of their sexual orientation. If you are going to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, what is to stop discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, which are also attributes most people are born with. All of this introduces a caste system into society which is reminiscent of dictatorships. I just do not see where the fact that I do not share the sexual orientation of someone else gives me the right to deny the basic civil rights of that person.

It is curious the way justice is listed among the cardinal virtues, but injustice does not make it into the list of deadly vices. I have lived long enough to remember the silence of the churches during the era of Hitler and what that led to. Instead of getting hung up on the sins of others does it not make more sense to seek first the KIngdom of Heaven? Peace.

Philip Bitsco

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