British Bicycle Racing Commentator Paul Sherwen Has Died


Very sad news. I was shocked and distressed to see this this morning.


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is watch the Tour de France. I don’t particularly like watching bike racing so much as I enjoy the scenes of France and the historical and cultural information Paul Sherwen gave. Having cut the cord I have at times had to listen to commentators other than Phil and Paul and I didn’t enjoy it at all.


To echo your point, I feel like watching the Tour won’t be the same (which of course it won’t).

I read that he died of heart failure.


I don’t think it will be the same. Phil is 75 and it has been showing. Even if Paul had not died I wondered how much longer Phil would do it. One thing I like about both is their style of speech and accents. They were very calming. Watching often felt like a joyful, gentlemanly ride through the countryside of France. I have listened to the Australian commentary (which seems to be promoted for English speakers) and, while this is a person preference, the accent and style grates on my nerves.

I read the same about the cause of death.



I’ve been watching the TdF on and off (mostly on) since 1987, when we first arrived for a 4-year stint in the UK. I will miss his commentary. Please don’t move Bobke into his slot.





I feel the same about Bobke.


Is that a cycling card? (like a baseball card?)


No just a google image. Reminds me of the good old days of cycling, when no one wore a helmet, and bikes were simple, elegant, and durable, and no one was distracted by garmins and the like.
I am going to ride today even if it’s with Zwift.


Like many sports technology has changed it. In some ways it has become too professional. With computers they know how to perfectly capture a chase.


@goout I hope you had a good ride and I hope you wore a helmet. With the speeds one goes on a road bike and with those skinny little tires I think it makes sense.


I did go, indoors on the Zwift trainer.
no helmet in doors but always on the road


I’ve read some articles that suggest a helmet isn’t actually all that helpful in preventing brain injuries. I’ve know someone who has gotten a couple of concussions while riding and he was wearing a helmet each time. I would probably wear a helmet but am not sure I’d wear one all the time and in all circumstances.

I wish professionals could still at least take off their helmets on mountain climbs.


I got a concussion last year while skiing, and I was wearing a helmet at the time. So you can definitely get a concussion despite wearing a helmet. I always assumed it would have been worse without one, but I will have to reexamine that.


If a cyclist suffers a concussion WHILE wearing a helmet, what might [s]he have suffered WITHOUT a helmet? The whole purpose of wearing a helmet is not to completely prevent injuries; that is totally impossible in some circumstances. The purpose is to drastically reduce the severity of the injuries that do occur.



It is hard to say. The helmet itself can cause injury. If you look into it you’ll find people do question the effectiveness of helmets based on the available data. There are plenty of safety measures which haven’t actually improved safety as much as one would think.


It sounds like you have actually looked into helmet safety. Can you share the numbers with us that cause you to doubt the value of helmets?


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