British Catholic leader claims Disney corrupts children

LONDON — A top Roman Catholic cleric in England has accused Disney of corrupting children, encouraging greed and turning its make-believe world into a latter-day pilgrimage site.

Christopher Jamison, the abbot of Worth Abbey, in southern England, charges Disney with “exploiting spirituality” and helping to generate a culture of materialism while pretending to provide movie, book and theme park stories with a moral message.

I’ll be honest: I loved Disney as a child and made the pilgrimmage to Disneyworld. So when I was first introduced to Disney criticism in my freshman year it was an emotional experience, similar to finding out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

While some Disney cartoons are benign (eg, “House of Mouse” and “Winnie the Pooh”), many classic Disney films contain sexist and racist messages that are dangerous for impressionable young minds to absorb. Here is a link that substantiates my claims:

I have been calling Disney “The Evil Empire” for years. Too many disturbing things (including ABC and ESPN) coming out of that company

I do like some of the older disney movies, but yes, most of the stuff disney does is trash. Love the pixar movies though.
And one thing disney does do a good job with is the dubbing for the Studio Ghibli movies released here in the U.S.
I would actually recommend the Studio Ghibli movies for children far more than any disney movie. The quality of these movies, the animation, the stories are just incredible. And they all have wonderful messages. Another thing I love about these movies is that the bad guys never die or meet nasty ends, they learn their lessons. Some titles I would highly recommend to parents who are sick and tired of having their kids watch mindless junk:

Spirited Away. It’s about a young girl that is very whiney and bratty who has to over come her selfish ways to save her parents who have been turned into pigs.

Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s about a girl who has been cursed with looking like a 90 year old women. She seeks the help from the wizard Howl and helps him as well.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. This one is hard to explain, but it’s my favorite movie of all time. It’s about the human race trying to survive as the world is being consumed by a toxic jungle. Theres a lot more to it. The movie is so touching and beautiful, the end always makes me cry.

My Neighbor Totoro. This is probably the cutest animated movie I’ve ever seen. It’s about two sisters that move to the counrty with their father and befirend a mythical creature called Totoro.

Kiki’s Delivery Service. Very cute movie for young girls.

Castle in the Sky. It’s about a young girl and boy that must stop the military from find the legendary Castle in the Sky.

Two titles I do not recommend for young children are:

Grave of the Fireflies. It is just way to tragic for young kids to see. I recommend it to teens and adults. It’s a World War II movie.

Princess Mononoke. It’s a beautiful movie with a great message, but it’s very violent in parts.

I agee with what he says, but also understand that most Corporations also do the same thing.

Mcdonalds for instance. Warner Brothers, pretty much every other film studio that produces content for child consumption.

I do not believe that the original founder of Disney… Disney himself, intended that his company would inevitably act in such a manner. I think he probally just liked entertaining kids… and all this negative stuff unfortunatly was inevitable.

Ah, yes. Cracked Magazine. Certainly that settles any doubts anyone may have had.


– Mark L. Chance.

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