British Comedy

What’s your favorite?
Mine are:

  1. Fawlty Towers
  2. Blackadder
  3. Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
  4. Yes Minister (and Prime Minister).
  5. The Benny Hill Show.

Dad’s Army. :thumbsup:

The current government :smiley:

I like the first 4. Benny Hill is very dated now.

Rising Damp was funny too.

Open All Hours
The Two Ronnies

  • all with the amazing Ronnie Barker

Only Fools and Horses:thumbsup:

I can’t stand Ricky Gervais or any of his “work.”

A tragi-comedy, surely? :wink:

Yes, D.A. engenders a lot of affection. I liked Yes Minister for its cleverness, and while I liked the office I would seriously like to punch that smugness off Gervais’ face!!!

Fools & Horses was amazing for the consistency of the script. John Sullivan was an astonishing writer, but I do think the family should’ve been left to enjoy their millions… At least, that’s what I would have wanted for myself :D:D

Unfortunately the only DVD available in the US contains only 18 random episodes. I own it, but I would love to get the whole series.

Benny will never be dated.

Fools and Horses is one I don’t have. I’ve previewed it on Youtube.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Red Dwarf.

Not Only…But Also
Monty Python
The Goon Show (radio)
Keeping Up Appearances
Only Fools and Horses
Tommy Cooper’s
Rising Damp
Morecambe and Wise (albeit theirs was more of a variety show)

Prawn vindaloo monster! Classic!:smiley:

I’ve got to admit his sketch “lavabo en face” was hilarious.

And “Ernie - he drove the fastest milk-cart in the west” was good.

I still like, “Are You Being Served?”. The Ronald and Margaret jokes are a littled dated, but it still makes me laugh! :smiley:

Forgot two:
Allo! Allo!
Father Ted.

Father Ted was Irish!!!

:mad: :wink: Lol

Mine would be:

Keeping up Appearances
Mr. Bean
The Goon Show
Not the Nine O’Clock News

The Fast Show (Scorcio!).

Keeping up Appearances and Mr. Bean were staples in my house every Saturday night on public television for years!

Same here…My grandmother absolutely loved Mrs. “Bucket” (…It’s Bouquet!!) :smiley:

Our local runs KUA and Mr. Bean, both of which we have on DVD.
They also run Last of the Summer Wine, a real classic.
Black Books, which has the same kind of quirky humor as Blackadder.
The Thin Blue Line. One of Rowan Atkinson’s weaker, but still watchable efforts.

Others I was unfamilar with:
The Old Guys, which grew pretty tiresome after a couple episodes.
Worst Week of my Life, which…I just didn’t get at all.

Although not specifically a comedy, I really get a kick out of “Two Fat Ladies”, a charming cooking show. I’ve gotten a few guffaws out of their dead-pan humor. :smiley:

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