British couple die at assisted suicide clinic

British couple die at assisted suicide clinic (link)
An elderly British couple who died together at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland died “peacefully” after receiving “wonderful and humbling care” from their doctors, the couple’s family said.

It’s no wonder that people scoff at the apparent contradiction of the Cross - they don’t see the value that suffering has because they refuse to acknowledge the infinite good that came from His suffering. I’m sure this couple was going through a lot, but celebrating this complete denial of their inherent dignity…it left me feeling pretty sad.

They actually have an assisted suicide clinic!? I didn’t know it was legal in Switzerland.
I feel very sad about this.
I ask God to have mercy on all concerned

Wootton called on Parliament to modernize laws on suicide to allow for assisted dying.

It is now going by the term “assisted dying”. Murder by any other name is still murder.

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