British family tells US hotel they do not want to deal with a black staff

The race row came after lawyers acting for the waiter, Haitian-born Wadner Tranchant, sued the hotel.

The 40 year-old black waiter claims he was stopped serving the family during their stay in February to avoid upsetting them…

“This preference was entered into the computer system of (the) Ritz at the direction of the (the hotel’s managing director Edward Staros) with the further notation ‘… as per Mr Staros this couple is very very prejudice [sic] and do like like [sic] ppl of colour or foreign accents’.”

The manager at the Ritz-Carlton probably didn’t want to lose the money as this was a well-heeled customer but he should have rejected this family’s business.

There are 2 things here that are disturbing. First off there is the obvious racism. The hotel should have refused to accommodate it. They should probably be fined.

This is the second:

Mr Tranchant, a US citizen, was so offended he has sought medical and psychological help, according to the court papers. He is claiming compensation.

This guy was so traumatized, so shaken to his very core, having not been asked to fillet the racist couple’s Dover Sole that he was forced to seek both medical and psychological treatment. Hopefully with counselling, he will one day again be able to again lead a normal life. Thank goodness they did not speak to him - it could have killed him. :rolleyes:

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