British government drafts proposal to allow royal succession to Catholics (CNA)

London, Sep 26, 2008 / 02:55 am (CNA).- The British government has drafted a proposal to end the 300-year-old legal exclusion of Catholics from the British throne. MP Chris Bryant, under instructions from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, has written a planned parliamentary act to revoke the exclusions.

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Given the last few generations of British Royals, we should perhaps be grateful that they don’t allow Catholics in. The gene pool is getting a little shallow thereabouts.

Ouch !!!

Not sure this is a lot to cheer about. In the UK, both the monarchy and religion have become less and less relevant over the years. The number of Catholics, proportionately, who practice their faith has grown, but the number of C of E people who do so has collapsed.

Still, it took a long time for the nickel to drop. 300 years of institutionalized anti-Catholicism - one wonders how much it would matter were it indeed de-institutionalized.


I would love to know the Queen’s thoughts on the matter since it is her belief that it is by God’s providence that she has the throne.

The Queen would make a far better ruler than most elected politicians, like Blair or Brown. The big problem with “representative democracy” is that only those who really, really, really want power actually get it. Who want’s that? Better to choose them through random genetic lottery, IMO.

I welcome this in and of itself, but I worry that it’s simply part of the secularization of Britain. I’d prefer to see things remain as they are until Canterbury and Rome are reunited (even if that takes centuries), and then allow succession *only *to Catholics.

But very likely by that time there will be no British monarchy at all, I’m afraid.


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