British MP "jokes" about murdering Miss California

From The Telegraph of London; (Emphasis and censorship mine)

Tory Alan Duncan defends joke about killing Miss America contestant
Tory frontbencher Alan Duncan has been forced to defend himself after joking about killing a Miss America contestant over her anti-gay stance on a television comedy show.

The openly gay MP, who is married to 40-year-old press officer James Dunseath, was commenting on remarks made by the reigning 21-year-old Miss California Carrie Prejean at the Miss America beauty pageant last week.

Mr Duncan, 51, described blonde Miss Prejean as a "silly b*h", **then added: “I don’t agree with her at all.” After a pause, he went on: “If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me won’t you?”

Fellow contestants on the BBC One programme, comedians Katy Brand, Frank Skinner and Paul Merton, appeared shocked by his comments. “That’s a hell of a statement to be making on camera there Alan,” Katy Brand said. “For someone planning to be Home Secretary,” Paul Merton added.

Political Correctness at its best.:frowning:

I do hope he suffers some fallout for that stupid comment.

That’s the gay people, vicious, nasty, violent, spiteful …most of them anyway

Not just that, CathGal… but they’re so egotistical, they can only be sexually attracted to someone of the same gender.

I guess for some hate speech only works in one direction:(

Excuse me? The hate speech laws are an American thing.
The tories are fairly libertarian on many thigns, and so support free speech. For example Anne Widecombe (catholic convert) and this fellow are in the same party, and have differing views on homosexuality.

Also, this was not serious. It was on a satyrical show, and anyone who takes what’s said on a show like this seriously obviously doesn’t understand this country’s politics.

Well then you’re egotistical for being attracted to the opposite sex.

Even the church teaches that same sex attraction isn’t sinful. Being attracted to the same sex is not selfish. If it is, then so is being attracted to the opposite sex.

Hate speech laws are unconstitutional. They have them in Canada and Europe, but not the United States.

I never mentioned laws…you did…I think this goes beyond satire when you talk about murdering someone…

Exactly how am I egotistical for being attracted to the opposite sex? What you said was a wonderful edxample of pro-sodomy double-talk.

And speaking of double-talk… of course Holy Mother The Church has delacred that simply for being attracted to the same sex is in and of itself, not the occasion of sin, you have conveniently left out that acting upon such is.

If you’re going to quote Church Teaching, please do so correctly and honestly.

Exactly. “Joking” about killing Jews will land one in jail in Germany. But like Orwell said; ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’.

Even children in school are subject to police actions when they do this stuff in schools…There is nothing at all funny about murder

From what I understand of our stupid hate speech laws is that they are only pertaining to minorities. You can for instance have a hate crime against a white male- that would just be a crime!:frowning:

How very dare you. I didn’t imply that the church allowed same sex relationships. But then, of course… it’s ok to twist words?

Science shows that homosexuals are born with same sex attractions - the church believes acting on these attractions to be sinful.

But how are homosexuals selfish for being who they are?

Well then why was hate speech brought up for a UK MP?

Well then sadly you know nothing of British Satire.

We Brits and Irishmen have a cruel sense of humour. There is fallout here for what he said, just as there was fallout when MP Iris Robinson compared homosexuals to paedophiles.

But the program was satyrical. You find it offensive fair enough, don’t watch it.
In fact…did you even watch this episode?

No I don’t like things that are cruel and morally offensive…I live in the US and I don’t even know if that program is shown here…I used to love the gentle and funny Brit TV shows that I was able to see some decades ago…they were a cut above anything we had in the US…of course we don’t have much that is fit to watch now…I usually watch EWTN or old movies or PBS

Understood. Sorry if I seemed a little angry earlier :o

See this type of article is less shocking when you know the program, and can presume the way it was said. It wasn’t even said in a malicious way. “I’ll kill you” and other variants here in NI is just a common phrase - eg “Give me back that CD I lent you or I’ll kill ye”.

How very dare I? Simple. How dare you accuse me and every other heterosexual of being egotistical for being normal.

And this nonsense about “science shows homosexuality is normal” is just that… nonsense. It is an abnormality, a defect, that if acted upon leads to an intrisic evil. And no amount of verbal gymnnastics on your part can change that.

And the selfishness of homosexuality is yet another symptom of that particular grave moral disoder that is homosexuality itself.

Have a happy day,
The Catholic Caveman

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