British Muslim family blocked from boarding plane to Disneyland [AP]


British Muslim family blocked from boarding plane to Disneyland

LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said Wednesday he will look into claims that U.S. officials prevented a British Muslim family of 11 from flying to Disneyland for a planned holiday.

The issue is sensitive because U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslims visiting the U.S. due to concerns about extremist attacks.

Stella Creasy, a member of the opposition Labor Party, said U.S. officials gave no explanation for refusing to allow her constituents to board a flight from Gatwick Airport on Dec. 15, so she wrote Cameron seeking his intervention. A top Muslim group said cases like this appear to be related to religion and are worrying for British Muslims.

Mohammed Zahid Mahmood said he and his family — two brothers and their nine children — were told nothing except that they were not allowed to travel to the U.S. despite having previously obtained clearance.

“We were the only family that was of Asian, Muslim, sort of appearance, and it seemed a little bit embarrassing that only we were taken out (of the line to board),” he told the BBC.

Cameron’s office said he would investigate the matter. He had earlier characterized Trump’s policy as “divisive and wrong.”

U.S. Embassy officials in London declined to comment on the topic.

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Another hot topic to post about, maybe it will take our attention off of other matters.

We have no evidence from the article I see that this family could present a danger but one never knows, they could have radical connections, go to a radical Mosque. The article does mention an Imam that was likewise denied travel.

That said, I find it sad that something like this happens obviously of course, of all things, to be planning to go to Disneyland, well, they’ve got one in France too.


Hundreds or thousands of Muslims travel to the US every day without incident. That was not the reason why they were blocked from flying.


More information:

“Facebook page linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda was registered to same address as British Muslim father whose Disneyland trip was blocked by Homeland Security”


I think we can be confident that if this administration’s people blocked these visas, they had extremely good reason to do so. They wouldn’t brave Obama’s wrath without compelling justification.


This may be an aside, but the Disney theme parks are considered to rank very high on Islamic terrorist groups’ target lists.


I know, I know, but the mainstream media has to promote Hillary 2016 because the coronation is anything but automatic now.


I thought her path was clearer now than ever.



I agree. And Trump did not request a ban on Muslims visiting, but immigrating.

So there had to have been some kind of red flag.


Yes,he did. The ban was for all Muslims from whatever country for whatever purpose to set foot in US temporarily. Tourism,business,whatever.


Even I would agree this one was odd and the block was justified, there were no women in the party (strange family holiday) quite a few of the ‘kids’ were males over 16 and the brother of the man complaining has a history of been detained in Israel at Tel Aviv. All those are red flags, also he is claiming there were no other Muslims on the plane flying, I find that extremely unlikely having flown from London’s major airports many times, i sense a deliberately created controversy.


do you have a link to that?


I’m sure of that.

And even before this came out, I knew there had to be more to the story.

Gym owner Mr Mahmood said the family were going to a reunion with his family in California after 15 years and hoped to visit Disneyland and other tourist sites.

The party were forced to hand back their duty free items with the children in tears.

He said: 'We had been planning the trip for four to five months and my kids had countdowns on their phones.

I don’t care.

I’d rather see a child cry than see another terrorist attack. Don’t think it can’t happen.


It is a little disturbing that top Muslim groups and even the prime minister of Britain would be publicly involved without doing a little fact-checking of their own first.


I can look for it , 7 Sorrows. It is the sources posters have been sharing.
Here are the first that come
out in google.


Do British people need visas to enter US ? How is that investigation done before getting to the gate ? I do not know .


I interpret it he is speaking of immigration and refugees, but I might be wrong.


There is something called the Visa waiver form which entails filling in a long and poorly worded form online and paying a fee. I travelled to Washington on business earlier this year and the border control people were the rudest I have ever encountered. Never again!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Even Canadians need passports for American now. I don’t think anyone knows the mechanics of an investigation, nor should it be public knowledge.
But as long as there is ID, the system is working when it flags potential threats before they enter into the country.


Maybe we should require visas for everybody entering the country (partial exception for Canadians) the same way Australia does (partial exception for NZ).

It doesn’t stop people traveling to AU, but provides an extra level of security.



Thank you ,Darryl and Liturgylover.
I did not know you had to fill in paper work. That was my question. Not the " secret" part of it. I thought you might just get to the gates without any previous paperwork done.
I have renewed different types of visas several times. Interviews can be tough. I once got to Dublin US embassy to renew it before my husband who was the L1at time and they just asked and asked to make sure I wasn t taking our kids away. To make it worse ,I am terrible at remembering the " titles" of people ’ s specific jobs ,but I can tell you about them…
After so many entries and approvals over over 30 years , I do not need an interview as tourist any longer. Yeaah !:slight_smile:
Anyway ,the message is I have always thought Homrland Security does a very good job…
Merry Christmas to you all and tons of peace

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