British PM reiterates call for same-sex marriage, scolds churches that 'lock out' gay members [CWN]

Addressing a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender reception, Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed his commitment to legalizing same-sex marriage and said that "obviously there’ll be …


The Church will not and cannot change, these politicians just need to accept that and get over it.

Their obsession with forcing religious groups into their disgusting agenda is unbelievable. So much for freedom of religion in the UK. And their accusation that people with sexual identity issues are ‘locked out’ just shows how they don’t understand what it means to be inclusive in the Christian sense. Sickening.

Well, even if he used “the Church” (captital C), he can’t be referring to the Catholic Church since we don’t lock anyone out. :slight_smile:

No wonder David Cameron and the Tories are so unpopular…what’s the difference between them and the Labour party?

We must strive to support the definition of marriage by God between a man and a women not redefine it in the image of liberal thoughts of man.

Name me one instance of someone being locked-out :mad:

Exactly. The Church has never locked anyone out. The Church is a hospital for sinners. If we locked anyone out, the churches would be empty.

Perhaps what he really means is that the Church should change its moral teachings.
But that won’t happen.

Some people think that the True Church can change, because they have become accustomed to man made “churches” changing all of the time.

Fortunately, when they talk about churches that “lock out” Gay members, they are only, at the present time, talking about those Gays who are known to practice adult on adult homosexuality. Those Gays that are known to practice, or advocate for, adult on minor homosexuality, are still not accepted, and, in fact, are scapegoated.

The term “lock out” is kind of ambiguous, and may be erroneous, since technically, anyone can join the Church in body, even if they have to lie to do it, and indeed, many do just that. Even though they should not present to receive communion, it would be so rare that they would be refused.

In his opinion I’m sure, not allowing homosexual “marriage” in the Church, not ordaining openly homosexual men, not ordaining women, and teaching that homosexual acts are sinful are probably all examples of “locking people out”.

Exactly. Not accepting the ‘anything goes’ attitude nowdays makes one a hateful bigot. And it locks people out.

I just don’t understand why public school brats that are in power are so obsessed with gay rights and are pushing for it at all cost. I guess they and their families will not suffer any consequences of further disintegration of society, given their secure, closed little world of privilege where regular people don’t have acess. :mad:

Can anyone tell I’m really angry?

The same thing is happening in the USA. Obama lied about being against so-called “same-sex marriage” when he was running for president in 2008 so he could get elected. Then with the help of a constant blitz of mainstream media propaganda, public opinion about marriage changed. So now Obama says he’s for so-called “same-sex marriage” because he knows that this time it won’t hurt his chances for the election. He even claims this to be the will of God. So in doing this Obama committed the extremely grave sins of blasphemy, sacrilege, and scandal all in one public action. But I knew this was coming when he declared June to be “Gay Pride Month” right after stepping into the White House. And now Obama has thanked a gay porn producer for supporting his election campaign . He also lied to the Catholic bishops about the HHS mandate. Nothing evil that Obama does surprises me.

That’s not an example of the same thing happening in the USA - what you said does not show that Obama is forcing religious groups to accept same-sex marriage, it’s just general talk about being angry over his changed viewpoint. And hello, everyone, it’s the UK…when they say The Church, they’re referring to that of England, not the Catholic Church. Try not to be so provincial. I don’t know if the CoE does lock out gay people, but the Catholic Church does not and should not.

I should also say that I strongly support same-sex marriage but absolutely do not think that any church should be forced to accept it or any other idea that it doesn’t want to. Both sides of the argument should be free to live as they choose.

Honestly it almost sounds like he is wanting to force all churches to give in to the liberal homosexual agenda.

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