British Royal says he found the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius 'very effective'


Wonderful to read that he attributes his conversion largely to St John Paul.

I had the privilege of meeting Lord Nicholas’ mother Katharine, Duchess of Kent at Mass in Dorchester on Thames . She converted to Catholicism in1994, the first member of the Royal Family to convert publicly since the passing of the Act of Settlement 1701.

This is a photo I took of her .

She is a lovely lady in many ways .

A great fan of tennis , she used to present the trophies for the Ladies’ Final at Wimbledon .

Jana Novotna recalls the time she began crying after being defeated by Steffi Graf at Wimbledon in 1993, before the Duchess of Kent put an arm around her and whispered: ‘Don’t worry, you’ll win this one day.’

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