‘British Schindler’ honoured for saving 669 children from the Nazis - Guardian


** ‘British Schindler’ honoured for saving 669 children from the Nazis - Guardian **


Sir Nicholas Winton awarded with Order of the White Lion in Czech Republic

Sir Nicholas Winton, a British man who saved 669 children from the Nazis, was awarded the highest civilian honour in the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

Winton, now 105, was presented with the Order of the White Lion by the Czech president in a special ceremony at Prague Castle.

Winton, who has often been nicknamed “the British Schindler”, organised the transportation and settlement of 669 children over nine months before the second world war broke out in September 1939. Most of those he saved were Jewish children living in then-German-occupied Czechoslovakia whose families were later imprisoned or murdered in concentration camps.

Winton gave a speech during the ceremony. He said: “I want to thank you all for this enormous expression of thanks for something which happened to me a heck of a long time ago. I am delighted that so many of the children are still about and are here to thank me.


I didn’t know anything about him. How cool is that and what a nice way to honor this man at the young age of 105. What a life and legacy. Thanks for sharing.

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