British Tribunal: Catholic Agencies Must Allow Homosexual Adoptions

London, England, Jun 4, 2009 / 03:19 am (CNA).- In a decision that may end decades of Catholic adoption services, a British Charity Tribunal has ruled that Catholic adoption agencies will be breaking the law if they decline to place children with homosexual couples.


Just another example of how the liberal orthodoxy goes around shoving their morals down everyone’s throats.

Why doesn’t the Bristish Tribunal start their own agency instead of threatening a charity that helps people.

Freedom of religion, void where prohibited by law, or tribunals.

Liberals have often accused Christians of forcing their morality on others.

And yet, here they are doing the same.

Liberal creed: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

The Liberals/Socialists/Relativists are not forcing morality.

They are forcing immorality.

It is high time we tell them what they can do with their perversion. We are at war. Start acting like it. From my blog:

*]We are at war. Time to start acting like it.
*]Maybe it is time to “impose our beliefs” on others.

Let me rephrase: they are forcing what they think is morality on us.

Think? :whistle:

Good point.

If the charity now sticks to Church policy and continues to follow its “heterosexuals only” policy it could lose its charity status and public funding.

It might also face discrimination claims by same-sex couples it has turned away in the past.

I’m not familiar with UK law, but the article I quoted seems to suggest that the adoption service could continue if it gave up its government funding and special charity tax status. Is this a correct reading?

What is the likelihood (or likelihood of success) of lawsuits being filed for past discrimination? I wouldn’t think the law would apply retroactively.

According to the BBC, the law was passed some time ago, and had a temporary, 21 month, special religious exemption clause in it. Since the Catholic Charities have been operating under that exemption clause it is highly unlikely that they can be sued. The issue has arisen now because the exemption clause has run out.


They’re not liberals, they’re leftists.

Real liberals live and let live. Leftists don’t tolerate Christianity and want to wipe it out.

It doesn’t matter if you call them liberals, or leftists, or whatever. The bottom line is they’re fools. How many children will have a harder time finding homes because this law provides for the shutting-down of religious adoption agencies?

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