British TV to Broadcast Sick Man's Suicide

SKY TV will broadcast a British television first tonight – an American man committing suicide.

Craig Ewert, who had been living for many years in Yorkshire, North England, ended his life in 2006 in an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, rather than live with motor neurone disease that had left him paralyzed. He also invited Canadian filmmakers to capture his final moments, which will be broadcast this evening.

The documentary will show Ewert, 59, swallowing a lethal mixture of sedatives and switching off his life-support machine with his wife by his side.

“If I opt for life, then that is choosing to be tortured rather than end this journey and start the next one.”

All he did was exchanging one torturous life for another; could be worse for where he is now…:coolinoff:

Too bad Sky TV won’t be around to record what happens next, when he must explain his actions at the Judgement Seat of God!

So it’s permitted to stand against suicide here? :rolleyes:

God help us all. I think I’ve had it.

Suicide is a grave sin. We do not have the right to take life - even our own.

May God have mercy on this man’s soul.


Further evidence that the Church is not irrelevant. We need the Holy Mother Church more than ever.

I believe the church holds that those who commit suicide are not in their right minds and do not necessarily go to Hell.

Regardless of the way he ended his life, I feel sympathy for this poor man. I’ve never suffered through a terminal illness. I don’t think its our place to pass judgement on him. It’s hard for me to not wish serial killers and terrorists not burn in eternal fire, but I really pray for God to have mercy on this guy.

It seems we have here the cream of the crop of reality tv. What’s next? Christians being fed to the lions, live? I know I’m being sarcastic, but really, what do they come up with to top this? Live executions at prisons? Anything for ratings and money. Jesus, come soon!

Please, do not give the Relativists and the Leftist any idea :mad:

Snuff TV, huh?

Why did they wait 2 years to show it?

I guess they think that showing these controversial things on TV will help people form their opinions on them.

So why don’t they show this kind of information about abortion? I detect a bias.

It’s one thing if it’s an emotionally distraught young person who’s in so much pain that they feel they can only end the pain by ending their life, or if it’s a case like the policeman who was buried alive in the wreckage of the World Trade Center towers and shot himself with his own handgun – the poor man was probably in excruciating pain and was panicking. I’ve wrestled with depression and suicidal thoughts for many years (I’ve even made attempts on my own life twice), so I understand from experience what goes on in a person’s mind when they’re at that point. But to premeditatedly kill oneself like this guy is doing? I hate to say it, but his agreeing to have this broadcast on TV is a sin of scandal to say the least. I’m not saying he’s going to hell, but he might just have chosen to stand in the ticket line for it…

I don’t mean he’s necessarily in hell, but for sure he ain’t in heaven !

I’m sure this man was in more pain than some depressed teenager.

They do, but it doesn’t make headlines because abortions aren’t illegal and an every day thing in the UK. (my sentence will make no sense what-so-ever if I now find out suicide isn’t illegal).

But ye, I’ve seen plenty of shows about abortion that never made the news because it’s kinda “normal”…

What the guy did though must have been so hard, on both him and his wife. I started reading about it in The Sun and just reading 4 lines of quotes was starting to make me cry. His wife was a lot younger then him and he knew he was soon going to be perfectly fine minded in a body that he cannot move, or do anything for himself…I’m not agreeing or anything, just saying that I don’t know if he was ever religious or not, but if he wasn’t, I think the only person he would have been thinking about was his wife.
I didn’t see it btw, but only because I don’t have Sky.


Abortion is kinda of normal?! Are you talking about a real abortion? I am talking about the ripping apart of a childs limbs. Or the scissors jabbed into the back of a childs head as he is exiting the birth canal? Or the drilling of the whole behind the childs head so that his brains can be sucked out? What part of that is normal and if you think that is normal please, please don’t bring that here. (YOU DO KNOW THAT ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING WILL THE CHILD IS STILL ALIVE)

Abortion are not shown live on tv simple because the are brutal and the abortion industry would not have our eyes open.

Again I must wonder what you mean when you say “abortion is kinda or normal” how many people have you witnessed being butchered to death to come to this reality?

ooooo no thats not what I meant
Is that really what happens?..:frowning:
When I say “normal”, I meant it in a sense of people do it every day in the UK, legally, yet people do not kill themselves in an environment like that.

The shows I’ve seen about abortion didn’t show anything like that…infact there wasn’t any blood or gory at all, just statistics and talking to the people getting it done.


I am so relieved to hear that you weren’t talking about a real abortion. But this really does prove Neil_Anthony’s point that if they did show the truth of what abortion really is many people would be awakend to the horror of what is happening to our children.

Again I am so happy that this is not what you were talking about and yes this is what really happens and why we must never stop fighting to stop it. People are being butchered in our very back yards.

Wonder why they’ve waited to show this at Christmas-Because its demonically inspired.Pray for that poor man’s soul.


I don’t think its our place to pass judgement on him. It’s hard for me to not wish serial killers and terrorists not burn in eternal fire, but I really pray for God to have mercy on this guy.

So would I, until they had to make this a form of activism and have it broadcast to millions of people. Clearly this was well thought out and planned by him and his wife. They were in their right frames of mind. Enticing others to comit suicide? Open up your pits of Hell.

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