British woman vows to become first female to behead western prisoner in Syria


Oh don’t worry, banging on about the UK without ever visiting it has never been a hindrance at CAF


Women can be every bit as demented and evil as men. With people such as these, all negotiations are futile. :frowning:


Can you explain what you mean by “banging on”? And its tone?

Also, I know plenty of people from Lancashire, Blackburn and Manchester.

In the USA, Asians is a term that can be very wide in scope. In comparison, I note these friends generally think of Asians as being “Pakistani”, perhaps speaking about the Subcontinent of India.

So I take your reason to mean, if one has never been to Africa or Australia, they can not make a judgement of it. If you have been to the United States but only 1 or 2 states, likewise, you can not have a judgement on any of those other states. Is this what you mean?


Asian can be used in the way it is in the USA here, your friends probably use it in the way they do because the Asian community in the north of England is more primarily associated with the sub continent.

One cannot make a very informed jugement of Australia or Africa without been reasonably intimate with them - no. Indeed the also strikes me as a place where the states vary as much in culture in some ways as individual countries.


So you are acknowledging that if one has not been to Israel/Palestine, one can not make a reasoned judgement on that. If you believe this, are you in any of the threads on Israel, Palestine or Iraq telling people the exact same thing you said to me?? It makes me wonder why one would even go to a forum of discussion of issues.


If I were her, that’s not something I’d be proud about; as a mother and human she ought to be ashamed of herself. I think she’s a very sick individual and needs help.


You maybe right. Up until recently, ISIS wasn’t even taken that seriously. Heck, the president once referred to them as the “JV team.” But one thing that stands out that’s real scary is this; It’s been said that as many as 3,000 members of ISIS have U.S. or European passports and could easily slip into America undetected. Now I know that many Americans will shrug this off and think that a 9/11 style attack is unlikely to happen again. The fact is, they wouldn’t need to do anything close to this. Think of this scenario. It’s three days before Christmas, and the local mall is filled to the gills. It’s 6pm and the food courts are mobbed. Now think of three men, one armed with explosives and the other two with AK47’s…enough said.

Peace, Mark


Yes very sad that she is only 22 and is caught up in this evil.
These young people seem to think this is cool what they are partaking in. They are immature, petulant and misguided youth who have thrown their lives away. They are following Satan not Allah.


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