Britney Spears Shaved Her Head

Britney Spears shaved her head. Anyone else think she has totally gone off the deep end?

I think it’s yet another desperate cry for help that is going unanswered. Distraught women will usually do something drastic to make themselves feel better; chopping off their long hair, dying it a radical color, shaving their heads, going in for some sort of plastic surgery, etc. It is completely out of character for someone like her to shave her head (pre K-fed split, that is).

It seems as if she is on a path of self-destruction and someone needs to step in and help this girl re-gain control of her life. For her sake and the sake of her children.

Oh lots of people do some pretty drastic things when their relationships break up or they go through other major changes in their lives. Hair is a common one - as in making a major change to the cut or colour.

At least the hair will grow back, and tattoos can be covered up.

Of all the crazy things this young lady has done lately this is the least weird.

I turned on Fox to watch news and what was on…Pictures of Brittany with a shaved head. The newscaster-a very heavily made up woman- was shocked, simply shocked!

For goodness sake, not only is this not news but its only hair. So she shaved her head, big deal.

Sometimes change is radical because that is what the person needs to get over some situation in their life. Since she was young there has been a lot of emphasis on her looks. Maybe she just got sick of the shallowness of the attention she got and rebelled.

Either way, the particular act of hers isn’t that big a deal.

Now her going without underwear disturbed me more. But shaving your head, not that disturbing.

Let us pray … maybe she will become a cloistered nun.

[Not an original thought by me, by the way. Originally publicly uttered by Father Benedict Groeschel regarding the much-admired Madonna Louise Ciccone.]


Maybe she had a horrible case of head lice that just wouldn’t go away? :cool:


There’s nothing wrong with tattoos! I have one, and I don’t regret it, the way my mother said I would :slight_smile: of course, it’s just a Celtic knot on my back, where no one can see it, unless I show the,. I’ve dyed my hair after breakups. I’ve chopped my hair after a particularly tough time. It’s like a thing I feel compelled to do… the out with the old in with the new kind of thing.

I get so sick at the attention these “stars” get. Big deal they are on TV or they sing. I think our major focus should be on God. The gossip and tabs. take so much away from you spiritually.:confused:

Yes. This shouldn’t have been covered on Fox News. For goodness sake, if the girl murders someone or dies, that is news. A bad haircut is not news.

The way the women on the news acted you would have thought that the singer had just robbed a bank and held people up for ransom. :stuck_out_tongue: Couldn’t the newswoman save the outrage for children suffering in other countries or the war on terror? For goodness sake, news people are reporting on haircuts now and getting upset.

If I want to know what is happening to Britany Spears, I will read a tabloid news paper.

I think her family is calling a family intervention …or they should.
She may go the way of Anna Nichole Smith…if not stopped, as a family member I would try and do something…

Considering the fact that her mother apparently has no problem benefiting financially from her teenage daughter’s sexualization, I’m not certain that her family members are the best people to step in.:frowning:

Perhaps Ms Spears is having a breakdown. Or perhaps she is crying for help or just maybe…she just had a bad hair day and got frustrated. Who knows.

Any way, we should pray for the young lady. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of responsible guidance in her life and her very young children need her to be stable for them.

You make a point.

Yes, prayer is always called for…

I don’t think about her at all. She is a very sad figure of a human being. Needs our prayers and she has mine. She does not have my sympathy. Her weird behavior is of her own doing.

Britainy is 25, When she was a teen her parents did keep a tight reign on her. You may recall that Brittany made a huge deal about remaining a Virgin until she was married when she was a teen star. its only after she becmae an adult and moved out that her problems started.

So she shaved her head. Who the heck cares?

(Obviously the newsies do, and more than a few people here.)


I must be old because her first video looked very raunchy to me, although I have heard it described as innocent. Her parents must have given the OK for that.

We don’t even allow my daughters to wear spaghetti straps and they are only 8 and 10. Short school skirts with belly showing and suggestive moves are definitely out.

Well laugh at yourself the same way that I am laughing at myself. I feel the same way but I am having an internet conversation about the young lady. Just as you are.:slight_smile:

Who is Brittany Spears and why does anyone care?

It sike when there is a bad wreck on the freeway-you swear you arent going to lokk but when you go by you stare just like everyone else.

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