Britons fear race violence - poll

POLL: Britons Fear Racial Violence: "Almost two-thirds of people in Britain fear race relations are so poor tensions are likely to spill over into violence, a BBC poll has suggested. Of the 1,000 people asked, 60% said the UK had too many immigrants and half wanted foreigners encouraged to leave."

Disgusting and shameful that half want ‘‘foreigners’’ to be encouraged to leave.

However it all depends on who they asked, was it an appropriate cross section of society?

It’s interesting that the news article is ‘race’ but the original question was ‘race/nationality’. In mitigation, I think we do have to remember that the influx of Eastern Europeans might possibly be the most rapid the islands have ever seen and it could be argued that the British tolerance is holding up remarkably well.

You have a good point.

Wow I almost got sucked into the paranoia that time :smiley:

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