Broke and then fixed my rosary. Is it still blessed?


I slept on my rosary and must have turned into the she-hulk in the middle of the night. I found it broken the next day. It was in two pieces (three if you count the single link that came off). The chain that had the crucifix fell off the centerpiece and the circular part broke and made a strand.

I ended up fixing it with much pain to my fingertips by bending the links back together, and then I superglued it for good measure.

My question is, is my rosary still blessed? I’ve heard that objects that are blessed and are broken lose their blessing. But since I was able to fix my rosary and return it to usable condition, does this apply to mine?

Thank you.


Yes… of course? Mine blessed by Pope John Paul II also broke and was put back together. Can’t exactly have him bless it again. It’s not really broken in the same sense that a statue would be if it had fallen and smashed. Even a Rosary that no longer completely goes around in a circle due to coming apart can still be used (ask me how I know).


If all the original pieces are substantially present after the repair, the blessing remains.


Still blessed.

I’ve permanently switched to cord and wood. I just busted too many rosaries. :expressionless:


Thank you!

I actually ordered a rosary off of cordbands last night. A little costly for me, but hoping it is good quality! Have heard nothing but good things.


I have a nice rosary from Lourdes, quite an old fashioned one apparently. I bought it from a second hand shop and it was blessed by my priest.

I’m wondering now if I should have bought a new one?


What difference would it make? Most new ones are poorer quality than older ones; often plastic and without much detail etc.


I have repaired several of mine more than once as some of the glass beads or chain parts broke. It is still blessed so keep praying.

I used to have a rosary under my pillow and fall asleep toughing the crucifix but stopped with that as the rosary dropped on my wooden floor during the night and broke the glass beads. Waking up from the sound believing someone was about to break into my apartment was scary too.


Oh no :joy::joy:


Well firstly I’m guessing that it was probably already blessed and then my priest blessed it too, it didn’t occur to me at the time. Is that okay?


Any prior blessing may have ceased when it was sold (unless it was sold at a reasonable price worth no more than its actual value) and having it re-blessed again in that case would have been necessary. Also there’s no reason I’m aware of that something can’t be blessed more than once; a ‘conditional blessing’ if you will for used religious articles. Or perhaps it was never blessed to begin with, though if it came from Lourdes I’d say it likely was.


Yes, actually I’ve been blessed more than once too!
Thank you.


That’s true!


:rofl: I just found this thread hilarious. I have seen rosary mending in my family since the day I was born I think. Rosary and sleep….there’s something about this combination. :blush: I personally think it is doubly blessed. It was damaged from too much use! Praise the Lord!

OP, I’m sure its alright, and I have prayed with an “unblessed” rosary a few times in my life (even with my fingers only too), it felt/sounded the same to me. :wink:


Now, I’m sure I’ve heard someone say that if a rosary breaks be means a prayer was answered. Anyone else heard that?


Hah… in that case I hope so!


Because they are also useful for reparing jewelry or other small things, it is helpful to own a set of these

That and a package of assorted split o rings and you will be able to repair rosaries!

I keep a small repair kit in my desk at work, every couple of weeks someone brings by a rosary in need of repair. In fact, they also bring me old broken rosaries. I salvage the parts, keep them sorted and use them to replace lost beads, centers, crucifixes :slight_smile:

They are blessed, so, any unusable parts go in the burn pile.


How wonderful! I love to rescue old rosaries from resale shops or flea markets or yard sales. I think of the hands that prayed those beads before me.


It was lovely and I got it from a little shop in Durham in England not far from the lovely cathedral there. I have fond memories of the day and the place and when I pray sometimes I get the feint smell of perfume, from it I mean. I’ve never had any bad feeling from it, in fact the opposite, I think whoever owned it was a good Catholic.


Happened to me countless times. Then my prayer life changed somewhat and I lost the habit of praying while falling asleep.

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