Broke up with fiance

Lived with fiance for two and a half years was together three and a half we were engaged too. We have disabilities and wwe can’t take care of each other we would have to have commitment ceremony so we don’t lose disability. He also got possessive and abusive. I’m bipolar and we didn’t want kids our parents help take care of us now he moving back to his dads
I’m too immature for relationship I don’t want kids I haven’t been practicing my faith im very stubborn with following rules. My bipolar I make impulsive decions . my Dr and other pastors at other church group I was going to for disabled people recommended tubes tied. I feel better. I want to marry have no kids sleep in and have fun. I want to marry at Disneyland or not marry at all have a domestic partner . I don’t want disability cut
I know God expects more from me I can’t marry an abusive person
Maybe I should stay single maybe I should go back to both mass and the protestant church I go to. I’m on meds . I have few friends and my family is not religious my brother is in drug rehab my life is a mess
Decisions are hard it stressful
Please pray for me thanks

If you don’t want children, then your vocation is not marriage. I have no solution for your pain. But I recognize it to be real, and painful. In the future, no shacking up, no abusive controlling situations. God wants you to be Holy, and that will lead to heaven and fulfillment of your life. God can heal your pain, but you must turn away from your sins. Good luck to you.

I have too many disabilities and can’t take care of a child I don’t drive I don’t work due to seizures as well. I would like to find a life partner though. My friend from calvary chapel are married they have down syndrome and don’t plan on kids they have great ministry for disabled people.

I also have aspergers.

Perhaps, and this is all I can say, is that you should focus on yourself and taking care of your disabilities before you take the task of helping another person achieve heaven. I do understand loneliness. And I sympathize with you, but the sacred institution of marriage is more than what you view it as.

No, you are right you absolutely cannot and should marry an abusive person. I would contact the nearest CAtholic Church, make an appointment with the priest, make a good confession and then ask for some help and direction with your numerous issues. You are in my prayers. God has better things for you than living with this guy.

My parents are divorced. My dad is remarried my mom lives with her bf of 16 years .
My brother is in rehab in and out of jail for drugs.
Very disfunctional family. I have two cats they are my babies.
My ex fiancé has disabilities too works Walmart we don’t make enough
We always stress out to pay rent . But now he move to his dads and my mom is helping me out .
I have friends from different churches sometimes I feel out of place seems everyone has better life than me. I see all the happy couples at church with and without kids
I don’t know Gods plan for my life .
I did become catholic four years ago but have started going back to calvary chapel and saddleback. I still go to catholic young adult groups I like disneyland cartoons
Animals movies malls amusement parks my world is like disneyland
I feel like Dumbo he was always picked on for being different but he was special and could fly he found Magic feather

I´m sorry you´re hurting, now. Breaking up isn´t much fun, is it, even when it´s the right thing to do.



This is for you… :tissues:

and this:


I think you did the right thing, and with time, your heart will heal. In the meantime, I know must be VERY painful!

I’m sorry that things have been so hard. I think all of us, disabled or not, want, or need, love. We seem to have been designed that way, so it would seem, what makes us human.

Anyway, may God bless you and help guide you in your journey. Good luck! :thumbsup:

You seem to be a strong person accepting things as they are. Will keep you in prayer.

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