Broken chaplet/how to discard?

Hi everyone,

I have a St. Jude chaplet on which a bead has broken. I have glued the bead back together, but I can see that it won’t last. I am not Catholic, (but pray chaplets and the Rosary) and once read that damaged Crucifixes need to be buried. If I have to discard a broken chaplet, do I need to bury it? What should I do?


If it’s been blessed, then you can bury it where it’s not likely to be dug up. Not blessed, then it’s not a sacred object then just burn it or the like.

There are different schools of thought on disposing of Sacramental objects. What really strikes me is your Catholic devotional practices,while not a member of The Faith. It’s wonderful that you enjoy these prayers. Have you ever spoken to someone about becoming Catholic?

May God bless you for your devotion.

When in doubt I bury.

[quote=Zarozinnia]Hi everyone,

I am not Catholic, (but pray chaplets and the Rosary)

not to digress from your question - but HOW AWESOME for you!

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