Broken clavicle!

I had my clavicle operated on 2 days ago. It was severly displaced. There is some pain…on heavy narcs. Pray for speedy recovery! God bless you all.

                                                  + Cameron

Will do. I broke mine when my youngest was still in diapers. :eek: It was painful alright. I remember.

Praying for a full recovery.

Bless you…thank you.

Prayers going out to you.

I am praying for you, my friend Lynn broke her clavicle. Offer the pain up to God.

You are in my prayers tonight. The Lord is with you and me!

God Bless!!

Oh dear, how awful! I pray that you are feeling much better soon and that when you are hurting most, that you may feel the loving embrace of Jesus there by your side.:slight_smile:

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