Broken rosaries

What is the proper thing to do with broken rosaries, torn Bibles, broken or torn sacramentals?

I believe that you should bury sacramentals in the ground, but I’ll let others with better knowledge answer that.

As far as broken rosaries, I have a couple of suggestions.

First, perhaps you could have them repaired and give them away if you don’t need them – or donate them to the “rosary basket” at your church if they have one. (Some churches keep rosaries available for people who forgot to bring one.)

Second, you could donate the broken rosaries to someone who makes rosaries so the parts could be incorporated into new rosaries.


I believe they are to be buried.

I live in Manhattan. I have no space available to bury anything. How about burning?

Central Park? You don’t have to bury it too deep.

I repair rosaries. Usually the person wants me to repair the rosary and send it back to them, but one person sent me a handful of broken rosaries that she didn’t want back. After I repaired them I put them with some mission rosaries to be sent to Africa. Haven’t mailed them yet, because I’m trying to collect enough to make the postage worthwhile, and I haven’t made enough mission rosaries to send out yet.

Funny, someone was on my site this afternoon, from a search on what to do with broken rosaries. Was that you?


I was just browsing around on your site. That’s some beautiful work that you do!

Hello there!

I think that at some convents sisters repair rosaries for a donation, just find one near you and mail it with an extra envelope and postage.

You can either burn or bury blessed items. If they are burnt I believe the ashes are to be scattered outside . Not exactly sure on the last part. Sorry I couldnt be of more help.


Someone should ask Fr. Serpa on the AAA forum

No it wasn’t. It must be a common concern.

After a blessed rosary is repaired, does it need to be re-blessed? I have a rosary that I am going to repair my self. I have all of the parts, I’m just going to string it on new wire. Do I need to have it re-blessed after I’m done.

Bury them or burn them. Or donate them to someone who can repair your rosary.

I know this post is old old old, but I just have to say I saw your website a while ago and you do make the most beautiful things :slight_smile:

Now that I have more Rosaries than I can safely accumulate (I’ll probably start giving them to the nieces and nephews who are getting to First Communion age over the next few years) I’ve decided that what I REALLY want is a chotki instead. I’ve made one or two of my own but it’s absolutely not the same as getting a stunning piece like you make :smiley:

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