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My mother is very religious and has given me many rosary beads in my life. My mom is now in an advanced stage of dementia. Last time I visited NY, she gave me a broken rosary. I am wondering if I need to dispose of them or can I have them fixed? I know my mother keeps broken beads but doesn’t use them, superstition. My inlaws would dispose of them. Any advice is appreciated. Blessings


Would you use it if it was fixed?
If yes, try to have it fixed.
If no, just bury the Rosary in a quiet place where not too many walk.


The way to dispose of blessed sacramentals is to bury (on undisturbed ground) or burn them. If there is any hesitation, you could always ask a priest to dispose of them reverently.

Personally, as they are of sentimental value, I would try and have them fixed first.


Get them fixed. They were important to her so they are important to you.


Yes by dispose of them I would have returned them to the church. I appreciated your replies.

I am going to have them fixed!


If you can’t have them fixed, frame them - I don’t see why if they’re done nicely, such as in one of the “box” type frames (a nice one, not the cheap clear plastic ones) they couldn’t be framed. And that doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, either.

I don’t know that I could even properly dispose of them myself.


Thank you! I never thought of framing them. Maybe I will do a shadow box with some other sentimental items.


I just moved and am working on doing some things like this myself, so that’s probably why the idea popped into my head. If you’re in the US, Michael’s craft store often does very good sales on their frames (sometimes as good as buy one/get one) so that might be something to keep in mind. I’ve gotten very nice frames there, and they will also cut mats for you.


I am in the US and LOVE Michael’s!! Thanks!


I friend gave me a bracelet made of her mother’s broken rosary beads. Is this okay? Now that I’m catholic, I appreciate the gesture even more.


If you are wearing it as a keepsake of your friend and her mom, and not for any superstitious purpose, then it should be fine. If they were blessed, the blessing ceased to be in effect when the beads ceased to be a rosary and were made into a bracelet and gifted to you.


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