Broken Rosary Questions


Is it bad - if I use a broken rosary ?
I really don’t seem the harm - but is it disrespectful ?

Also - does anyone have any tricks to fix the broken link between beads.
I was thinking about going to Kohl’s jewelry dept. - for a quick fix.



There have been various non explicit traditions regarding a broken rosary as an omen of sorts.

Kohls would probably overcharge you.

I used to make rosaries. Depends on what type of rosary it is.

Fixing a rosary is often seen as an act of piety.

I say do it yourself? Maybe find the local rosary crafting group to assist you.

Either way I’m sure God understands.

Also slightly unrelated make sure to dispose of unusable sacramentals with reverence by returning them to the elements. Don’t simply throw them away.

I’d say repair it.


Go to the craft store, like Michael’s. Show someone the broken links and ask them to help you find parts to replace or mend them. It’s not that difficult. There are also sites online that sell rosary parts. Spend some time reading and you will find what you need to do it yourself.


Let’s say I don’t fix the rosary - is it disrespectful - to say the rosary while it’s unlinked ?


What is most important is the prayer. Even if the rosary is broken if you pray the rosary with it then it pleases God more than if you don’t pray teh rosary because it is “broken.”


I know there’s a rosary ministry at my church where the retired ladies make and fix them, and there may be one at yours or at another nearby parish. I have fixed them before by making my own link out of wire(small, straightened out paper clip segment) and just looping through the last two good ones, but that’s awfully hard unless you have good manual dexterity and small fingers or maybe just the proper tools. If you’re going to try it yourself, I’d do it with one of those large, mounted magnifying glasses with tools then finish your wire splice with epoxy. I’d also put the epoxy on each link to guard against future breaks as long as you’d already be working on it.

I could be wrong in saying that I don’t think God minds you praying with a broken one as long as your prayers are sincere, kind of like Jesus healing on the Sabbath or the apostles eating grain they had picked, but I don’t know.



Pray away. Most parishes have people that make rosaries, just call the parish office and they will put you in touch with someone who will fix it for free (and do so respectfully).

I hope it’s broken from use, by the way, what a great testament to devotion.

Deacon Christopher



It’s not a problem using a broken rosary.

A jewelry store might be able to fix it, depending on what kind of rosary it is. There are also jewelry crafters who can repair your rosary. It’s not hard to do on a wire linked rosary, you just need to have some pliers and wire and know the technique.


you can buy a new one for about $1 US;

i wouldn’t worry about this too much


Maybe he wants this one. They often have sentimental value to us if they were a gift.

The last one of mine that broke was blessed by the Pope, used by my mom, and I had her hold it in the casket at the viewing.
So obviously I’m not going to just go get a new one.


yes i can understand that

my daughter made me a “string rosary” that i use every day; i guess it is impossible to “break”


I recently broke a rosary, and I used a bread twist tie, tore off the paper to the thin wire and tied it back together.


They cost me 80 bucks :stuck_out_tongue:

They are my Spring rosaries - ( purple )
and match my blue jeans lol


Fr Wade Menezes on EWTN tv/radio says a Bible, prayer book, or whatever should just be wrapped like in a small package and then discarded in the trash. Jews save up old scrolls and then bury them. Either way they end up in the ground.


No, I have never heard this. Our parish just had something where everyone could bring things that were broken, ripped or no longer wanted. The priest had them buried, not discarded in the trash.
There is a difference between throwing something in the trash, to be mingled with potato peels, coffee grounds and yesterday’s newspaper, and burying them with intention in a clean burial. Things that have been blessed get buried, not thrown in the trash.


Yeah, nobody throws a Bible in the trash. It might be blessed. I have seen people just randomly leave articles like prayer books or crucifixes in the church hoping somebody will use them.

If you are not sure what to do with items, you can give them to a priest and he will either donate them appropriately or dispose of them in the proper way.
Old prayer books sell for quite a lot on eBay. A lot of people who are into traditional prayers buy them.


My first non-plastic rosary has a broken chain. I still use it regularly to pray a “mini-rosary”, which is part of my daily prayer routine. I don’t use that rosary to pray the full rosary the normal way. This is a personal set of prayers I have incorporated into my routine. I take it with me when I travel, I even hold the cross when I say certain other prayers.

I have others, but I have been using that one for so long. It was given to me when I first started really getting interested in Catholicism. I have prayed so many times with it in my hands.

I have a rosary ring that was also a gift that was blessed by both St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. I just had an urge to get it out and hold it while I finished typing this post.


I have a little jewelry repair kit that my husband bought for me years ago, that has those little O rings in it, and little clasps and things like that in it.

If you want to try fixing it yourself, maybe you could find a small kit like that? If I recall correctly, I don’t think that he paid a lot for that little kit.

It has little small parts in it that we would use as replacements, in case an earring or a necklace would break and would lose something that would help hold it together.

My Mom gave me a Rosary that was a wedding gift from my Dad to her, so it has sentimental value, and it’s also quite old now.

It’s quite fragile, so I don’t really pray with it.

It fell apart, and I was able to fix it with this little kit.

It needed an O ring because it fell apart between the links between one of the Hail Mary beads, if I remember correctly.

I was able to fix it myself.

I ended up taking a pair of small tweezers, and I just pinched the ring really firm and really tight, and that seemed to secure it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine broke right as I walked into Adoration last Tuesday…:rage:

Got out of the truck and it was broken…but I still used it…I will just put it in it’s box and keep it with my other keepsakes.

I told the fellow who was before me for his hour about it, he said he had lost count how many he had broken over the years…I responded that at least we know they are getting used if they are getting broke from wear,

I am ordering one from Rugged Rosaries this time…

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