Brother in law died away from the church


All the more reason for Catholics to ensure friends and family stay faithful. Someone who is raised Catholic and willingly departs from the Church and does not repent is not in a state of grace upon death. So perhaps there is hope for Purgatory, in which case prayers and masses will be blessings for his soul.

As difficult as it may be to hear, @Aulef is correct. We do not do ourselves, our family, or our friends any favors by trying to wish someone into heaven after they die. We must guide then during their time on earth.

That all being said, I will pray for your brother in law. :latin_cross:


Have Masses said for him and pray for his life partner.

You don’t know what was in his heart and soul. But God does.


Jesus wants your brother to be in Heaven more than you do. Pray for the repose of his soul and have a Mass said for him. If your brother wants to be with God, then that is where he will be.

I am sorry for your lose.



We cannot “ensure” that our loved ones do anything. Adults make their own choices.
All we can do is try to set a good example, encourage the loved one, and pray for the person while they are both alive and after their death.

We don’t do ourselves, our family, or our friends any favors by acting like we know for sure some deceased person is probably in Hell either. We have Chritsian Hope and we pray for the person. We have absolutely no way of knowing what was in their heart at the point of death and we know God is both just and merciful.


We do not know and have to entrust our fears to a loving God.

prayer is good for us as well as those we pray for.

pray for your brother in law and leave the issue in God’s hands…


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You should always offer prayers for the dead. Try to pray for their conversion while they are alive too.


If he was led away from the truth by evil men, and misled by people who abuse powers only God ought to posses, his will confounded at every step, there may yet be hope for his salvation.


The content you wrote is that he believed in the supernatural .
The catholic belief is he is in either purgatory. Or ? The place he fits into

His life was based on his belief and his spiritual understanding.

If you accept the OSAS belief. There is another option.


No, the Catholic belief is that we have absolutely no idea where the man’s soul is, and we have hope that he is in Heaven and we pray for his soul in case it needs any extra prayers to get there.

We do not look at somebody and say “oh, he believed in the supernatural (or had a same sex partner or anything else) in life so therefore he is in either purgatory or ? the other place” any more than we say, “oh, that person went to Mass every day and prayed all the time so therefore he is in Heaven”.

We have no way of knowing for sure.


I stated the correct Catholic teaching. It’s not a matter of my personal belief.
Even if the man was the biggest sinner on earth, he could have repented in his last second of life.
God has great mercy.

I also flagged your post as being both wrong teaching and inappropriate.


Actually, the Bible is very clear on the matter.


Catholics aren’t sola scriptura. The Catholic teaching is that we do not know for sure if any particular person is in heaven or hell, except in the case of canonized saints whom the Church has officially declared are in heaven.


Purgatory would seem to be the starting place for most Catholic’s.
Bring in Heaven is probably not a starting point for someone not a praticing catholic.

Did this gay person go to any particular Church?
What was the teaching he followed.?
What was his understanding of death and heaven.? And did it matter to him?

When you compare one religion “vs” another religion . there can be difference’s in belief

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