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My 20 year old brother told me last Tuesday that his girlfriend is expecting and they are getting married. He told me Tuesday morning and my parents that night. He also decided that they were going to get married…that Friday. They have been together for 3 1/2 years so we all knew they were going to get married, we just didn’t know it would happen this fast or under these conditions. So last week not only did I learn that my very young brother is having a baby he is also getting married. On Friday, we went to the courthouse and they got married. They are in for a hard road. I feel selfish for saying this…I’m mad! I can’t seem to get over all this. I’m 23…I was supposed to get married and have kids first…This all has made me even more aware that I’m single and alone. I know a child is a gift from God and I’m trying as hard as I can…I just can’t seem to get over it. I feel bad for feeling mad and sad about this. It just keeps reminding me how single and alone I am. He needs prayer that he can be there for his wife and his new baby and I need prayer so I can stop feeling so bad about this. Am I crazy and selfish for feeling upset about this?


You’re not wrong to be concerned about your brother and the situation he is now in, but I think it is kind of odd how you have twisted it in to being something about you. This really has nothing to do with you. It has to do with some poor decisions made by your brother and his girl friend. Your feeling that you are older and should be first is not something that should be held against the precious new life that will be a part of your family. If you can’t get past these initial self-centered feelings, then you might have some issues that should be dealt with in therapy. Really. I’m not saying that to be mean either. I am in counseling myself.


Somehow, I was forgetting that this was in prayer intentions and was thinking you were looking for advice. I really jumped the gun there on giving advice. I can see from re-reading your post that you already know that you should not be feeling this way. So, I am sorry that my previous post might have been beating you up in a way. I will definitely pray for you, and I am sorry I was so quick to be judgmental.


I pray this feeling of yours does go away, about feeling scared
that you’re running out of time since your baby brother got
married first. Always keep with God, doing what He wants of
you, regardless if it didn’t turn out in the order you expected.
When I was 17, my grandmother said “you’re falling behind!
when I was your age I already had one baby and another one
on the way”. Regardless of what people think or say or
expect, always go with God. His timing is always right, my
prayers are with you and your brother…

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