Brother Lawrence's spirituality


Has anyone read some of his book and followed his advices?
How do his advices help you with the practice of present of God with faith in your daily life activities?



Brother Lawrence’s book “The Practice of the Presence of God” is a great classic.

For me, the sequence it happened was that after having been practicing the presence of God for years, then it came to my attention of his book – from Dave (DBT)’s recommendation in this forum. It was a thrill and a good affirmation to find out what I have been doing is consistent with Brother Lawrence’s teaching. Reading his teaching definitely refreshes and enhances my practice.

While brother Lawrence’s teaching is sound and practical, I believe this “practice” has to result from the deep inner thirst for God. When the thirst is there, the practice becomes natural. Yet on the other hand, one may purposely implement this practice to acquire the necessary thirst. This is two sides of the same coin.

As it says in the Bible that “when I am weak, I am strong,” that was exactly what happened to me. My profuse practice of the presence of God without reading any teachings was resulted from my very own weak being. This habit was formed during a period of great need of being constantly with God. And once such a habit is formed, it never leaves if you don’t allow it to get away.

Anyway, Brother Lawrence’s book is wonderful.


Reading his letters helped strengthen me in my resolve to find God in the everyday activities of my life. Anything we do — washing dishes, cooking a meal, driving, running errands, eating, working, playing, praying — can be an opportunity for encountering God, if we bring Him to mind when we are doing it.

It makes it easier to carry out the duties of my state in life as coming from the hand of God. If I can’t be in the adoration chapel right now, at least I can find God in the laundry room!


Thank you inLight247 and PhilotheaZ. I am currently reading the book and there are few pages left.

I’ve started to take bus to work; this gives me a lot of time to pray or to read book besides doing it at home - at least 1 hour per day on the bus. Thanks be to God for this transportation.


Water, it is great you are finishing this book.

I put this book in my bedroom and review the highlighted part off and on.

This is a book worth reading and re-reading, just like any other great classics.

Happy bus riding:) , God bless!


I read it as well and found it very inspiring. Incredible actually. I must confess that it’s impact on my spiritual life has been limited, but I place the blame on myself for that. It takes discipline.

Most striking to me was the fact that Brother Lawrence found the established prayer times for the monks no more beneficial to his walk with God than any other activity. He was ALWAYS in God’s presence.

I do plan to read the letters again. Here’s a website for anyone interested:


I just found out that this book is on the list of the books recommended by our diocese to those who discern priesthood.


Hi Water -

I’m not sure if you had a chance to look at the link BPW75 provided. If you click on “reflections” there are a number of wonderful commentaries offering help and advice applying the Practice of the Presence of God to our daily lives. Several years ago I printed them all out and I still carry it around in my briefcase, refering to them from time to time while at work :slight_smile:



I took a quick look but haven’t got time to read it yet. Thanks, Dave and BPW75!


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