Brother left Catholic Churc


Please pray for my brother who left the Catholic Church. His name is Joey. Thank you and God Bless.


I sure will pray for him.

Was this a sudden decision? Where did he go? Do you still have a relationship with him?


He know believes there is no hell. He thinks nobody deserves to goto hell. My relationship is bad with him. he is 18 and I am 31. There is no talking to him so at this point I think the only thing that can be done is pray for him. My mother prayed for me for 15 years before I came back into the church so the least I can do is pray for him and get some prayers going for him. Thanks for the prayers.


Do keep in touch with him. Continue to invite him to your family events. Some times actions speak volumes more than words.

Is he into a life style where if he believed that folks can go to Hell he could see himself there?


Not 100% sure how sinful he is. He is on drugs though (at least smoking pot) and living the college lifestyle so probably. We welcome him to family events even though he is very disrespectful and ungrateful, etc.


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