Brother of Terry Schiavo claims 'lies' are still being spread about her

Washington D.C., Jan 22, 2010 / 07:58 pm (CNA).- Nearly five years after the death of his sister Terri Schiavo, Bobby Schindler has said that the general press is still “telling lies” about her.

Schindler explained his perspective and said that news accounts “refer to Terri as being brain dead.”

Bobby Schindler claimed that the autopsy report following his sister’s death showed that she was in good physical shape when her feeding tube was removed, and that the pathologist indicated that Terri could have “quite easily lived a normal life span.”

“I think we’re being taught to look at these people as burdens, as inconveniences, instead of what I believe they are – as gifts. They allow us to show our compassion, our love. I believe that they are blessings.”

The main stream press repeatedly proves it’s interest in the truth is nil. The truth of T.Schiavo and those complicit in her death may never be fully known to us. God bless her dear brother Bobby.

Her brother can believe what he wants to. Her autopsy stated otherwise, though.

…to push a euthanasia agenda. Sorry, but doctors can be paid off, too…

I believe him in what he said. I was there when he said it. It’s the truth. Terry Schindler was shown as something “less than human” in semantics in order to make her murder seem excusable.

Abort now, for public convenience:mad:
Euthanize now, for public convenience:mad:
Eugenics now, for public convenience:mad:
Assisted suicide now for public convenience :mad:

And you know this because…?

If you took the time to look at videos of her you would see that she was perfectly fine. Was she perfect? NO. But neither are you, should we consider starving you and dehydrating you because of your imperfections?

I would be careful of what it is you think you are rooting for, because your life or the life your loved one my be the next in line.

[quote=DihydrogenOxide;6202684Sorry, but doctors can be paid off, too…

So you believe a doctor would jeopardize their entire career and reputation by falsifying an autopsy report? Esepcially one likely to be examined and reviewed as thoroughly as this one? You are letting your emotions cloud your judgment.

Perfectly fine???

Examination of Schiavo’s nervous system by neuropathologist Stephen J. Nelson, M.D., revealed extensive injury. The brain itself weighed only 615 g, only half the weight expected for a female of her age, height, and weight, an effect caused by the loss of a massive amount of neurons. Microscopic examination revealed extensive damage to nearly all brain regions, including the cerebral cortex, the thalami, the basal ganglia, the hippocampus, the cerebellum, and the midbrain. The neuropathologic changes in her brain were precisely of the type seen in patients who enter a PVS following cardiac arrest. Throughout the cerebral cortex, the large pyramidal neurons that comprise some 70% of cortical cells – critical to the functioning of the cortex – were completely lost. The pattern of damage to the cortex, with injury tending to worsen from the front of the cortex to the back, is also typical. There was marked damage to important relay circuits deep in the brain (the thalami) – another common pathologic finding in cases of PVS. The damage was, in the words of Thogmartin, “irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons.” And furthermore, the vision centers in her brain were dead, meaning she was blind.*

Whatever your thoughts are on this particular case or regarding euthanasia in general, to say that she was “perfectly fine” is simply not correct.

They do it all the time. Doctors are people, too. I know MDs who give false information all the time. Working in science gives you a little less of a feeling of trust in your own colleagues, since they are fallible also.

Even the FDA can be paid off. I know a few insiders there that talk about it all the time…

Was Obama’s birth certificate examined thoroughly? It depends on political climate.

I’m not letting any emotions cloud judgment. Truth is truth, regardless of what you may want to believe. To believe everything goes the way “it’s supposed to” in medicine is not realistic. Go ahead and believe that if you’d like. I’d like to stay on the safe side.

The autopsy was examined and was conclusive. If you believe it was falsified, where is your proof? If you don’t have any proof, you’re just making an unsubstantiated allegation, and perhaps even a smear.

This is a serious charge. I hope you have evidence to back it up.

Neurologist discredits Schiavo autopsy report, says she died ‘horrific’ death

If she were “brain dead” she would not be able to breathe on her own…she did breathe on her own. She could not eat on her own. Her brain was damaged… Big difference. She was alive.

Not everyone is perfect. Was her brain functioning at full speed of a person of her age? No, but was able to laugh, communicate, and smile? Yes. We saw this with the videos her family took of her and shared with us. Now I am against euthanasia period. Kill someone is wrong period. No one is “perfectly fine”, but no one diserves to starve to death, or to die of dehydration.

Here are some videos that I am sure you missed some how. They definitely don’t show a brain dead person.

So according to your posts ‘not everyone is perfect’ and yet Schiavo was ‘perfectly fine’???

She was perfectly fine, in the sense that she was not brain died as you claimed she was. She was murdered by the state for not being perfect. That alone should sicken anyone, but it will always amaze me that it doesn’t.:frowning:

What is it that makes you think that it was okay to kill her? Is it that she is not the person she once was? Is it that she is not a productive member of society? I would really like to know how it is you can sit down and say it was okay that she was denied food and water until she died.

Never once in my posts did I say I was in favor of euthanasia. I just take expection to people claiming her condition was something other than it was in an effort to bolster their arguments.

*I wish the press would let Terri Schiavo rest in PEACE. They had and still have no respect for her, even after she died. I hold her and her family in my prayers every single day, since learning of this many years ago. And I pray for her ‘‘husband’’ Michael …who to me, needs MANY prayers…I pray that he is remorse ful for what he allowed to happen. I still believe there is a secret no one will ever know, when it comes to how Terri ended up in the state she was in. God knows, though. God sees everything…

So sad that they can’t let poor Terri rest in peace! :(*

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