Brother on dialysis


Please pray for my brother, who has been sick for many years and is finally facing full kidney failure, as well as other medical problems. Now on dialysis, he will soon need a new kidney.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.


Praying for your brother and all his family during this difficult time.


Newvert, I am praying for your brother now. I know that God can give him that new kidney he so despirately needs. I am also praying for more people to be organ donors!! It is amazing how many people need them and how so few people give them… God bless our physicians and guide their hands and hearts.


Praying for your brother.



Praying for your brother and your entire family for healing and the courage and strength to endure whatever God’s plan will bring to your lives.


praying for your brother.


Will keep your brother in prayer… JMJ


Praying for your brother…


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