'Brothers and Sisters' uses a civil union to draw viewers

Here’s a review of tonights episode of the tv show, Brothers and Sisters, in which two gay men participate in a civil union. This Boston Globe reviewer uses this episode to point out how “hum drum” it is now for gay characters on TV to do stuff like this. Apparently two openly gay men are producers of this show so it’s not surprising that the gay agenda is put forth so strongly but I’m afraid this reviewer is right…the public is getting more and more desensitized to the idea of gay relationships as being mainstrain and “normal”. However, my conclusion is very different from this obviously liberal columnist: to me, it’s just another example of how real and serious this culture war is and the fact that it’s occurring and not a big deal anymore is not a good thing but a profoundly frightening thing. Keep praying harder and more often.


No need to be frightened. Just be aware that the media, as a group, is sending the same message: dysfunctional and disordered is good.

Dysfunctional Desperate Housewives

Fornication Hospital or Grey’s Anatomy

Two and a Half Perverts (Men)

Dysfunctional Brothers and Sisters

and Dexter - that lovable Serial Killer

At one time, television was a welcomed guest in our homes. In fact, a spokesman from the TV station’s Standards and Practices Department would appear on TV to assure viewers that all programs were watched to ensure they were suitable for the entire family. That is no longer the case.

Time to break out the board games or go for a trip to the park with family. Get some fresh air and a little physical activity. Get to know your kids and/or parents a little better. Have fun together.

God bless,

Our country needs another Bishop Sheen or Michael Landon. I guess their shows wouldn’t make it in today’s times with our sex indulged society.

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